One Life – Day 3

The One Life team spent this morning ministering to over one hundred kids from our community through a VBS. The VBS included three stations-a Bible station, a craft station, and a game station. All of the kids had a blast.

After lunch, the team spent a few hours downtown hanging out with kids in the community at the soccer field and basketball court. They played soccer with kids. There was frisbee being played. There was even a nail salon going on!

When the team came back to campus, it was time for some fun with the kids who live in our orphanage! The team started by having a VBS with the kids where they taught the kids about how God is the Light and that they never have to be afraid of the dark or being alone because God is with them. After the Bible lesson, the kids were each given a lighthouse craft and a coloring sheet to remind them that Jesus is the light.

After VBS, the team took all of the older kids who live in our orphanage to the beach. They all had a blast! It was great that we had so many extra hands to help out with swimming lessons for the kids today because the past few weeks we have only been able to swim with four at a time and had to switch after fifteen minutes. The kids all loved the extra attention and fun in the ocean.

When we finished eating supper, we invited all of the kids from the orphanage over to watch a movie with us. We watched Milo and Otis. The kids loved seeing all of the animals and watching their adventures.

Because the team was watching the movie with the kids we didn’t get any pictures to upload tonight, but we will have pictures to post tomorrow night. We are excited to see what God has in store for One Life’s last full day in the Mole tomorrow.


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