Meridian Day 3

This morning, Meridian enjoyed joining their Haitian brothers and sisters for church here in the Mole. After church, the team began to prepare for the campus wide picnic and party for all our kids who live in our orphanage and all of our staff. It was a BLAST for everyone!! The kids absolutely loved playing with the balloons, bubbles, and bracelets. They loved the individual attention they received from the Meridian team. It was so awesome to just see them be kids and laugh all afternoon long. This will be a day that they remember for a long time.

After the afternoon activities were finished, it was time for supper!!! Tom outdid himself! The whole team outdid themselves! They prepared tacos, nachos, salsa, homemade tortilla chips, and cinnamon chips for dessert! It was FANTASTIC!!!! The kids and staff loved it! It was so fun to be able to give our staff not only a night off, but a night of fun and fellowship. There was even some dancing going on. This team’s awesome day of ministry is ending with a movie night with the kids who live in the orphanage. Our kids and our staff will all be going to bed tonight with full hearts and bellies because of the Meridian team. As a mission, we are so blessed by this team. It is like we have 32 family members visiting and serving alongside us this week. Thank you to their family members and supporters for sending them to serve alongside us.

~Morgan the intern


  1. Thanks again for your daily posting of Meridians time there in Haiti! We enjoying hearing the journey they are on and how God is changing all that are involved! I enjoy seeing all the pictures and of course the ones of my Ben. Nice to have some form of contact! We are praying for you daily! I awoke last night about 3 am with the team on my mind and felt this must be God telling me to pray. So I did. Love to all and missing you but looking forward to all the stories of change and encouragement! Chris Strickler (Give Ben a hug from his mom)

  2. The pictures from this trip look awesome! I wish I could be there with you all but I know you will do a wonderful job spreading God’s message and his love <3.
    Erin- I miss you so so much and I can't wait to see you soon and hear all about Haiti!!

    God bless,
    Maddie Stover

  3. I’m so in love! After a long day of medical offices and hospitals I read this with tears. You show love in creative and dynamic ways! Life changing….these kids won’t forget how you loved them. Wishing I was there but sending kisses and hugs your way!

  4. Paige and Erin (and entire Mole team) – thank you for all of good work that you are doing and for sharing your journey! I love seeing the pictures and hearing about the impact you are creating every day! Have fun, be safe and may God bless all of you! Love, Jessica (Paige and Erin’s aunt).

  5. This is so awesome; being able to follow the group and see all that is being done in Haiti. I think of you all throughout each day and feel connected. Big hug to Morgan! Miss you and so glad you are there.
    Susan Kuchnicki

  6. What a thrill to see the pictures and read about Ben’s and Abby’s experiences. I was so blessed by Ben’s testimony and his decision to follow Jesus in baptism. My prayer is that this experience would bring them closer to God. What a wonderful opportunity to experience serving Christ by helping these precious children. Makes my grandma heart rejoice!

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