Meridian Day 5

We had another full day of service opportunities yesterday so sorry for the delayed update! We started the morning with prayer and devotions, which is always a great start to the day. Then, we hopped on the tap-taps (open-bed trucks) to make a little trek to one of the nearby villages. After splitting into groups, we walked around the village inviting anyone there to come to our VBS. The turnout was great as we were able to share the story of Joseph with many kids and a number of adults as well. As we’ve done with all of our VBS opportunities, we followed the story time by splitting into two groups so that we could do a craft (making a sock puppet) and play games (duck-duck-goose is a big hit!).

From there, we headed back to campus, had a quick lunch (during a downpour!), and started the afternoon activities. Girls and guys split into two groups so that we could do the first part of our sex ed (both groups) and self defense (girls only) program. (As you might imagine, this stretched most of us WAY outside our comfort zones, but it’s a very valuable thing that needs to be taught down here.) After that, there was the second part of the women’s ministry series, and concurrently part of our group went to the downtown soccer field and basketball court to have a sports camp.

After that, we had another quick meal and headed back downtown to do a community movie night. It felt good to sit but also to be a presence of comfort for the kids in the community. Overall, it was a very full day, but our whole team loves to be a blessing to the communities and staff here. The verse that popped to mind yesterday was 2 Timothy 4:6. “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure.” We’ve expended a lot of energy and enthusiasm already, and we have one day to go. But we haven’t left yet and look forward to one more full day to our Almighty God who will undoubtedly sustain us.

-Tim Ritter

Today was such an amazing day blessed upon all of us and everyone in the Mole. The trip to Provo went really well! The kids absolutely loved the VBS and the songs we sang; it was awesome to see everyone interacting with the people in the village. Tom Hampton did a great job being the narrator of the story. When we got back to the Mole the Lord granted us with a bucket load of rain. This was a complete blessing and totally amazing for all of the people in the Mole and everyone in Northwest Haiti! Then we proceeded to do some sex-ed and woman’s ministry; both of them went really, really well. The women were loving the bracelets! The boys and I went into town for sports camp and it was really, extremely hot but the guys really had a good time playing soccer and basketball. After, we had dinner and then went into town for a movie night: A Bug’s Life! It was a great turnout actually and that was the end of our night! It’s such a blessing to be here and I could blog so many more pages about all of the amazing things that have been going on here in the Mole but that would take forever! I’m very excited for our last full day tomorrow and I know our team can do amazing things together! God Bless!

-Taylor George


  1. It is very comforting to read the blogs (thank you Taylor for your post) and see pictures posted daily! It assures us that the team is doing well and by the smiles of the Haitian people we can see that they are receiving you with open arms. In spite of the “not so perfect” conditions, the team has expressed nothing but joy in the fact that they are able to spread God’s word. Praying for the team every day and looking forward to hearing more stores when you all return home!

  2. It is wonderful to see your smiling faces and to see where you are and what you are doing each day. Our whole family has been keeping track of the posts.

    1. We are so proud of you, Austin! (Katie and the rest of the group, too!) We look forward to each update and photo, and can’t wait to hear your stories. Lots of love from Lansing!

      Aunt Erika, Uncle Tim, Liam, and Jude

  3. We enjoy all the posts and updates. Praying for a safe end of the trip and travels. Can someone either post on here or contact me with the eta of the return to MCC? I didn’t get that email. Dorrie Bath

    1. Their flight arrives in Detroit around 10 so I think they’ll be at MCC about midnight.

      1. Friday night right? I heard that it may have been changed to 3 or 330 Saturday morning. I appreciate the info Julie,

  4. Yes, Friday night / Saturday morning. I don’t know the time officially. I guess it depends on how long it takes to drive from Detroit to Okemos. Maybe someone on the team will call everyone to let them know when to pick people up from the church building.

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