Rooted- Day 3

Heeeyyyy everybody! It was another wonderful day here in the Mole! Today we were working on the dorm building! Started by moving sand in 5 gallon buckets up on to the roof so we could make mortar, phew! It was hot! But that’s ok cause as hot as it was it was so much fun throwing those buckets around and at the end looking at our enormous pile of sand on the roof. After that we had another incredible lunch cooked by the wonderful kitchen staff of rice and stew sauce! Then after a quick dip in the ocean we started getting ready for our VBS. Today as a craft we made name tags and David told the story of the Good Samaritan and talked about loving our neighbors and how to help those around us. This was proceeded by bubbles, football (bothkinds), Frisbee and Little Sally Walker (a super fun dancing game I’ve just discovered). Now I’m sitting here eating a macaroni lasagna and no bake cookies for dinner, I think food just tastes better here in Haiti cause this stuff is just awesome!

As for me it has been an incredible day! My perfect weather plan looks something like 25 degrees and snow for days… needless to say everyday in Haiti is a bit of a struggle for me. Any activity that requires anything more than sitting in the same spot and breathing provokes lots of sweat! The crazy heat makes any bit of shade a little piece of paradise! All of this to say that I have had to rely on God so much for the endurance and energy to keep up a good attitude and keep loving the children! He has blessed us so much with an incredible team, great food, and lots of projects so there’s so much to be thankful for here in the mole! Thanks yall for your continued prayers and thoughts! We love yall so much and can’t wait to share our stories when we get back!





Hi everybody! Today was another great and very hot day in Haiti! We spent the morning doing construction on top of the local clinic. The stairs weren’t quite dry enough to carry the sand to the roof so we learned how to do an assembly line with buckets on a ladder. It’s amazing how well we are learning to work as a team. We truly wouldn’t be able to get anything accomplished if we didn’t work together. It’s rewarding to get to see the walls start to go up and be able to see the progress throughout the day.

The kids are always extremely excited to see the team and pile on us every chance they get. I have experienced a lot of new things while being here such as wearing a skirt at every point of the day, including when we’re swimming in the ocean. For those of you that don’t know me, catching me in a skirt is a rare event. I am extremely blessed to be able to have this opportunity to come to Haiti! The team members next to me just found a giant spider crawling next to us, so it’s time for me to go!! Thank you for your prayers! J


Shout out to Mom, Dad, Libby, and Casey! – Luke =)

Love you, Mom! Thanks for the comments, any word from Hawai’i? I LOVE YOU! Hugs and kisses to you and Lyo <3 –Darcy P.

Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for the comments! Love and miss you! Also, shout out to my Sarah! Thanks for reading our blog 😉 Love, Dawn

I love you Mom and Dad! –Amanda


Hey Family! Carolines driving?!?! Scary! I love you Bailey! Miss you tons! Say hey to Meshack!   ~Collin




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  1. Glad you folks had another great day “in the Mole”! Thanks for the shout outs, keep em coming! Love you Dawn!

  2. To Dawn: Enjoy seeing the pictures daily. Praying for you all. Love and miss you Dawn.

  3. We LOVE hearing from you, seeing the great pics and how you cherish each moment, as hot as it is. Cleanin’ those pores out for sure! Enjoy the kiddos and that wonderful ocean. Blessings to you all!!

  4. We have really enjoyed the pictures and comments from all of you! This is so cool that you are in a place with so much need, serving God and others who have very little in life. This is no doubt a “life-changing” event, and there could be no better way to do this! God bless all of you.
    The Haukeness Family
    We love you and are proud of you, Amanda! 😳

  5. It’s beyond incredible to be able to experience this trip through your daily posts. I can only imagine what it’s like being there! You all are inspiring. (:
    P.S. For the rare event of Luke being in a skirt, I think photo proof is necessary. Haha

    Keep doing wonderful things!

  6. Love the pictures! Keep them coming, please. God bless you all! Love you & miss you, Whitney!!!!

  7. To Dawn, Love the pictures and post. Poppy & I are so proud of you and your group, you are doing God’s work.
    Keep strong in God’s love! Love and miss you.

  8. Hey Collin, 18 – 24″ of snow in Rapid City this weekend! Just pretend the sand is snow! Make some sand angels! 🙂 teach the kids how to make sand angels! Love and miss you!

  9. Hi Dawn Turner! We are so proud of you! While you are working so hard we will be “playing” hard..tonight is the prison ministry dinner and we will miss you. Enjoy the ocean, the kids, and being with people who believe as you do. Wishing you a joyful day!!

  10. To Darcy As of this morning…God has put everything in place for HI. We are set. 🙂 Much love sent from Alaska. We continue to pray for you and your team.

  11. Looks like all of you are having a blast! I love being able to read the blog posts and see the pictures! Collin, I can’t wait to tell you about Amanda, Mary Beth, and I’s trip to Aurora! It involved getting stuck on Wolf Creek Pass for an hour because of snow 😉 Meshach is settling in just fine. I can’t wait for y’all to meet him!! Love and miss you Collin! Also, you’re looking incredibly handsome in those pictures (I know there will be some “awwws” and eye rolls inserted after that 😉 )

  12. Woohoo good work job friends! Looks like yall worked sooo hard today! I love seeing all the pictures of construction and all the kiddos…they are loving yall so much I’m sure! Love and miss each of you and loveeee thinking about all the ways God is molding you as you serve in this community! Praying everyday!

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