Swiney Family Update…Day 7

Happy Sunday from Haiti! We started our day with Haitian worship service. We couldn’t understand a word that was said but could feel God there so strongly. Two things struck me about the service; the joy and the number of times I heard the word “merci” (thank you). It’s odd because I only know a few words but I do know this one and although I don’t know what was said in between I know they talked a lot about thankfulness. As I sat in the military tent they use for church and looked at the foundation of a church that is literally being built by hand, I was amazed again by the faith of these beautiful people.

After church and lunch, Emily and I, along with three of the interns, took one of the sweet kids from the orphanage to the beach for some one on one time. She has mental and physical disabilities and one of the sweetest spirits I’ve ever seen. We took her out into the ocean and her face was priceless. She’s been to the beach before but this was one of the very few times that she was able to receive individual attention. It took a few minutes for her to figure out that everything was okay but once she did her sweet face lit up with a smile! Her muscles relaxed and she enjoyed herself so much! At one point, Emily put on goggles and swam away and then came back and popped up out of the water right in front of her. She thought it was so much fun and smiled so big each time Emily popped up.

After we brought her back, Emily went to hang out with the Castillo kids and some of the teenagers that live here and I went back to the orphanage. One of the little girls crawled in my lap, stuck her fingers in her mouth and I rocked her to sleep. It was wonderful!!!!! Tonight we all had a cookout at the Castillo’s house and then I joined the ladies for a Bible study. This was a wonderful time and I especially enjoyed going to the church site and praying over the grounds it is being built on. Please pray that the church would grow strong – that the people of this town will know the power of Christ and the reality of Him in their lives.

We love and miss you all. Elizabeth, I hope you’ve had a great day! I can’t wait to see you and everyone else!


-Karen (Mom)

P.S. I can’t believe I forgot to include that Emily caught a chicken today!!! She has perfected Jose’s chicken call and was very proud to call & catch one! (Of course, Jose informed her the chickens are dumb and will stand still for anyone.) But, we’re still going to say it was her excellent chicken calls that did it!


  1. That church service sounds so awesome! I wish I could’ve experienced it! The ocean looks SO beautiful and clear!!! That’s awesome that you took one of the orphans for some one on one time, I have no doubt that she really enjoyed that special time! Mom the women’s Bible study sounds really cool too! Emily, congrats on catching your first chicken!! I’ve never been brave enough to do that! Ellie and I are having a sleepover at Aunt Kristie’s house. I love and miss you all so so much and I can’t wait to see y’all!

  2. What an amazing trip, perfect for both of you!! I love reading your blogs and seeing the pics!! two beautiful women!!!❤️❤️

  3. Hi Karen & Emily, I know you two are where God placed you for a brief period of time, but I really am missing the two of you and looking forward to your return Wednesday. Aunt Barbara continues to do well, she went home today. Haven’t seen Elizabeth and Ellie today, know they are missing you too and looking forward to Wednesday. Continue to share God’s love with your new friends. Love, MeMaw

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