Meridian Christian Church – Day 4

The words at the end of the day by Dr. Daniel Richardson were …….”I sweated a lot.” Not sure that is a Medical term but that were his exact words.

With that said it must be warm here. Today was actually cooler than yesterday the sky was a little hazy.

We started our day with devotion by Sharon, a great reminder of trusting God in our trials and challenges although many times we do not see His provision and how He protect us and meets all our needs where ever we are daily.

Activities of the day were medical clinic, sewing, beach clean up of over 30 bags of trash on the fishing beach. The afternoon continued with Women’s ministry, Sports camp, Dance camp along with some minor repairs in the orphanage.

The second Evening Celebration was absolutely a hit. There were over 200 folks from the community that attended. A real blessing to see so many participate in some entertainment but most importantly hearing the message of Faith from Pastor Agenor. We have one more Evening celebration tomorrow and look for even larger crowd.   An addition to the Evening Celebration is the opportunity for the families to have their pictures taken and they are available to pick up a framed photo tomorrow evening.

This group has been awesome to work with and can’t wait to see how they are the hands, feet & face of Jesus as the week continues.

Tom Snivley


Hi Rob! Hi Gabe and Daniel!

So much to say! I know we are supposed to talk about things that have happened today but this is my first time adding to the blog so I would like to talk about some of the activities that have impacted me this week so far.

Something unique that I have had the incredible opportunity to participate in is the special needs ministry that Emma and Susan have been working to develop. On Monday (I think it was Monday. Is today Tuesday? I have NO idea what day it is and I LOVE it!) we went to the homes of two special needs children. Claude (rhymes with food) is blind and cannot walk independently. Elveson suffers from frequent seizures and displays behaviors that seem to be on the spectrum. What is really amazing about these families is the lengths they go to in order to care for their special needs children. Typically in Haiti a special needs child is seen as a curse and is neglected. These families are going against the flow to care for their child in a culture that does not value these children.

On Wednesday we will visit two more families and then on Thursday they have been invited to come to a celebration where we will give them gifts of rice and beans to care for their families as well as special gifts we have chosen specifically for them. It truly is a blessing to be able to share a few moments in time with these people and celebrate the joy of knowing Jesus with them.


  1. Taryn – hope you are doing well and that your mission fills your heart with joy and happiness. All of us in IL are thinking of you. Be safe and see you soon. We love you.

  2. Greetings to our friends in Haiti!!!
    We were happy to hear things are going well and finally see proof!!! that Libby and Barbara are really there with you all!! We pray that you touch many hearts for Jesus while you are there. God Bless !!! Ginny, Ray and Samuel Dilley

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