A Journey is Best Measured in Friends, Not Miles…

You may have noticed that it’s been a couple of months since we posted on this site or updated the Facebook Profiles of the children on our campus.

It’s been a difficult season for our family. We left Haiti in May and unfortunately will not be returning until after Thanksgiving. We appreciate your prayers as we attend daily therapy sessions and try desperately to find healing so we can move forward.

I wanted to share just one part from my last personal blog. I know that many of you who’ve come to Haiti have had the chance to love on & encourage our children while serving in the Mole. As a momma – I’m reaching out to ask you if you could continue to do that while we are anxiously awaiting to go back home. 

From My Blog: Finding Our Way


Each of my kids are finding their footing and healing in their own way. Watching their momma fall apart hasn’t been easy on them. They needed me & I was a mess. I’m thankful for our therapist and the way she continues to embrace us… making herself available 24/7. 

We started homeschool in September. It’s actually been a great experience as it’s reconnecting us and providing some normalcy.

My sister’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My mom has requested that all kids/grandkids come together that week. This means my entire family will be in the states for a total of 6 months. This is the longest we’ve been out since I was pregnant with Asher/Levi.

We are desperate to be home. We yearn to be with the rest of our family – Fabi, Gigi, & Izzy! We miss our friends – our staff – all of our campus kids – our community – dance classes – children’s church – clinic – play therapy – soccer – joking with everyone on campus – – sleeping in our own beds – and “some” of us even miss our dogs!

My kids feel lonely and bored! They want to go home. 

If you would like to send them a funny card, treats, a gift card, or a small gift of encouragement (just to let them know you’re thinking of them) we would appreciate that.

Yesterday was the first time they received anything. When they opened up their Halloween Cards with stickers  –  you would have thought they had won the lottery! They couldn’t believe someone they hadn’t seen in a very long time thought of them. 

You could write them all together – or send it separately. Malaya, Mikela, Rosie, Asher, Levi, & Gabe are the 6 kids we have with us.

Mailing address:
PO BOX 516
Versailles, KY 40383


On a personal note:

Over the past year my journey has been 5 weeks in the states, 3 weeks in Haiti, another 5 weeks in the states, etc. It was a constant back and forth.   

Jose & I have been separated most of the year. Even when the family flew out in May – my sister was too weak to be with all of my children at one time. So Jose and I typically met up once a week – switching out kids. 

I am so thankful for Tom & Sharon Snivley – who took all our kids & Momma Gigi for 10 days so that Jose & I could reconnect.

I am thankful for Brian & Leila Austin – who took in our clan for an extended weekend. Their friends and family loved & cared for ALL of us as we were….broken & in need of love.

I am thankful for all those who’ve reached out – texted – emailed – messaged – and stretched their hands through the screen embracing us as though they were sitting right beside us.


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