Keep Calm and Gobble On! 

Oh my sweet and precious Jesus – there are SO many things to thank You for today! May we take the time to count our blessings – not just on Thanksgiving as we go around the table- but each and every day that


Intense Flooding Last Night…

Most of the staff are bloody & bruised this morning from falling down so much as they tried to help our orphans and their children find refuge. Seeing our staff women cry out to Jesus as even THEY were carried to safety brought tears down all of our faces.


Home Repairs – Update 1

Listed below are the first set of homes that we are in the process of repairing. It’s SUCH a blessing to be the hands, feet, and face of Christ through this tragedy. I can’t thank you all enough for surrounding us with your love, support, and prayers! God is making Himself known here – and that’s EVERYTHING!


Pumpkin Party 2016

We had LOTS of carnival games, they colored superhero masks & vests, they watched some tom & jerry, they ate spaghetti & cupcakes, & they punched the piñata full of candy! The party lasted a little over 2 1/2 hours! The kids will be talking about their special night for weeks!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!!!

We are getting ready to be hit by another big rain storm. Several of the townspeople have gone to the mountains. The orphans are starting off in the cafeteria tonight. We’re showing movies to take their mind off the storm.

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