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Our Ministry’s Needs…..

My name is Jody Castillo and my husband and I are the Directors of Haiti Operations for the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. My parents, Larry and Diana Owen, founded the mission in 1979.

In Haiti there is a saying we often hear – “After God – there is only you”. It’s an overwhelming feeling to know that after they ask their Father in Heaven, we’re that next step for so many people. What happens when there is only one spot left in the orphanage for the baby whose mother died during childbirth? What happens when we know that once they leave those gates that baby is going to die?  What happens when they asked God, then come to us and we can’t help them?

Daily we find ourselves in the position of making life and death choices. After God, the Haitians place their hope in us. My request to your mission board or to you personally is that you send donations to be used as our benevolent ministry. As of now, we do not have a fund to pull from for emergency needs at the mission.

For example, our precious little Guepson was a special-needs child that came to the mission several years ago. He passed away from pneumonia. Jose and I made all the arrangements and struggled to come up with the funds that we simply don’t have. This is a picture of him with his dad.


I am often asked  – how do you do this every day – make these decisions that could change the path, the life – of so many Haitians? It’s very humbling to be in this position and some days – like several years ago when a little disabled child was left outside the gate – it’s overpowering.  So many Americans came to me crying – asking for me to take this little baby in. I told them if we take this one, tomorrow there will be 10 more left at the gate.

How heart-wrenching to watch this little child crying, flies covering her little face.  I patiently waited for one of the Haitians to step up. Sometimes we take away the chance for Haitians to be a blessing to their own people by acting too quickly. I watched as little school children tried to feed her cheetos and swat the flies away. What a story they will have to tell their mom – about how they helped this little girl. I watched as crowds surrounded her and watched her lay there so lifeless. I also watched as a young married Christian man took home this little girl late that evening to raise as his own.

I felt like that was God’s wisdom for me – to act slowly. I pray for His wisdom every day. I think her mom must have felt – After God – there is only you and she left her baby there.

Would you condsider designating your funds to the “Mole Ministry”? Your checks would continue to go Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, all you would need to do is write “Mole Ministry” on the memo line. This fund will allow us to manage the ministry as the needs of the people become The Call.

I can assure you this will not go directly to our family but be used to help the hundreds who come to us weekly. 

Jose and I would be more than happy to speak with you on the phone, correspond through email, or even meet with you and discuss our excitement in person.

After God, there’s you. While the burden is great, the blessings from being the next in line behind the Father are even more overwhelming. God is good. We appreciate your faithfulness to His calling.


NWHCM    7984 West State Rd 32.   Lebanon, IN 46052

Please mark: Mole Ministry in the memo. 



You can write in the notes section:  MOLE MINISTRY


  1. Are you accepting wedding dresses from individuals? I have my wedding dress, that was my mom’s wedding dress, I will gladly donate to this great cause.

    1. Yes!! You can mail it to:
      Att: Wedding Ministry
      7271 S Mayflower Park Ave
      Zionsville, IN 46077

  2. Hello! I was wondering you you could contact me at , i’m in a norwegian non-profit organization called VSH( Varme Små Hjerter), where we collect clothes and donate it to orphanages, babyhomes etc all over the world, i was wonderinf if this might be interesting for you? If your orphanage needs clothes, children gear, toys etc?
    You can contact me, and i’ll tell you more about it.


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