Eat Mole Chicken…

We spent an afternoon fellowshipping with the pastor’s family the other day.  Together – we have come up with some cool ideas to help bring people to the church. I’ll write more about that later. I am very excited about it! 🙂

I have to tell you if there is any “fleshly” desire that Jose and I have – it would be for Chick-a-Filet to open up a chain in Haiti. I’m sure it’s a – 1 in 10 million chance – although I could probably rally up a couple million signatures in favor for it.

But I won’t set my standards that high. No. I won’t even think about a bucket of wings. Or that new chicken sandwich that doesn’t use buns but two pieces of chicken with cheese in the middle. No – I’m not going to think about that. That’s too much. I’m simply saying – can’t we find a chicken leg? Nope.  There’s a saying (or maybe it’s just something I say) – “It ain’t no thing but a chicken wing”. Meaning whatever it is – it’s simple and easy – just like it is to find a chicken wing. WELL –  That’s not the case in the Mole!

I know that the mission already has a large goat ministry – BUT- what the Mole needs is chicken!! You can only purchase goat and fish here. You have to drive over an hour for the chance to find chicken or even an egg for that matter. (They kind of go together).

So here’s the deal – we need some of you goat-lovin’ people to expand your horizons and buy the Mole some chickens! The pastor thought this was an excellent idea and would really help the community. We would also like to build some chicken coops. We already have a few needy families in mind.  These chickens could potentially change their lives and help them take care of their hungry children.

And if you’re just selfish – we need the chickens for those great cheesy omelets Jose is going to make you when you visit us! Yeah that’s right – we’re not above bribery!

We can buy one chicken here for 10 USD. We can build a chicken coop for about 20USD.

If you buy it – they will eat it. Enough said.

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