Missing The Mole…

While at the Mole, our group did several projects ranging from building two shakoons and clearing mission land to holding a daily Vacation Bible School. I was more involved in the VBS aspect of the trip so every morning a small group of us went around town and handed out tickets for the afternoon’s VBS. During these morning walks, I was able to meet many children in town, as well as spend “fun” time with them, whether it was flying a kite in the street or playing games at the basketball courts.

Vacation Bible School was very large (we ranged from 180-300 people daily) and we learned to be flexible and changed some plans to work better with the relaxed Mole way. The children listened SO well during the lesson times — learning about the miracles that Jesus performed, and sang their hearts out during the Praise and Worship. They were open to learning new games and even taught us some of their games. Through these game times, I was reminded that children are children and love all the same things, no matter where in the world they live.

We also had the opportunity to make home visits and share the blessings we’ve been given through bags of rice and beans. We were able to build chicken coops and buy chickens to give to families in the community (in hopes the chickens will produce eggs to be bought by the mission). We got to connect with the locals through worshiping God during a church service. In our downtime, afternoons after VBS, we were able to visit the beautiful beaches at the Mole. This was the time when we, as a group, got to bond. I grew much closer to the others in my Sunday School class as well as with the others in our group at the Mole and the interpreters/staff.

I went to the Mole with the expectations of helping with some construction projects and Vacation Bible School; however, I left with so much more. I got to build relationships with the people of the Mole, despite the language barriers. I was reminded that the love of Christ is universal and evident through smiles, hugs, and facial expressions. I cannot wait to go back to the Mole and see the progress on the mission property and see my new friends.

Missing the Mole —
Liz Gage

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