Update from Lesha and Savannah Christian

So you think you have everything planned…guess what? Your plan isn’t HIS plan!

Today was suppose to be a down day as things are slow here in the Mole. We were given a schedule for the coming week and most everything seemed clear. Today we planned to go on a boat ride to view some caves and then go to the Mud Village to see where we would be conducting VBS on Monday. Turns out, the tide was too high so the caves were out, the guide opted to take us to a fishing village instead. As best we could understand, the name of the village is Cha pa fu.

I want you to join me there for a moment, your on a small boat along the coast, a village appears on the rocky shore line with thatched roof huts, children barely dressed if dressed at all, men on the shore sewing nets, hand made wooden canoes and traps near by. The look on everyones face was humbling. Not just ours but theirs as well. From what the guide tells us, we are the first to visit the village. So you can only imagine what they were thinking when they see us climb out of the boat.

We started greeting the people. Bri pulled out some bubbles, Patti led us in song (one we learned today) and then we joined in to play Duck Duck Goose! It was hilarious and the laughter bridged all language barriers. Needs of the village were assessed and we were rushed away due to rough seas building.

HIS plan …. we couldn’t have asked for a more blessed day!

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