Hi from Bri AND Abby!!!

IT WAS A SUPER HOT DAY!!! WE started the day by attending our first church service with the people of the Mole. The people here are very energetic and get so excited to praise God! It was very eye opening and moving!! The heat didn’t stop them from worshiping with all they had!!!

Our fellow team member, Steve gave a wonderful sermon on God’s LOVE! Steve encouraged the church to participate in all our activities such as medical clinic & VBS so that when we are gone those friendships with the people still remain! Also so the people get a reminder of what the church is all about!

After church we went to the downtown square to pick up trash and sweep for the upcoming Women’s Conference that will be held throughout the week. We also set up our medical clinic which we will begin tomorrow morning! We are excited to see what the turn out will look like! We are starting to become friends with some of the local children who seem to be drawn to us where ever we go! We made it to the beach again where some of our team members snorkeled and enjoyed the warm water and sea life!

Tomorrow we are also eager to do our first VBS at the mud village! Pray for Allison as she will be speaking at the Women’s Conference tomorrow! Momma Patti makes us drink tons of water ALL DAY!! THE HEAT WON’T SLOW US DOWN!!!

We all send love to our family and friends!! KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING!!

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  1. You guys need to make sure momma Patti drinks lots of water also! I have to get on to her all the time about drinking more water, but since their is no diet coke, she is hopefully drinking more.

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