Karenage’s Cistern Project

Back in September, Steve White came to the Mole with a medical team. He visited Karenage (the mud village) via boat! When he arrived he saw how poor the village was and that the town lacked adequate water supply. Water is only given to the village every Tuesday. On other days they must walk 3 miles to find water. Understanding how important it is to provide clean water – he started a community project.

So where did the funds come from? In May of this year, Savannah’s FCA Team Endurance (which is part of the national team FCA Endurance) – organized a triathlon to raise money specifically for the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. All the proceeds from that race were taken directly to the Mole where NWHCM is starting a new campus plant.  Those that raced had a direct impact on this effort and are responsible for providing this little village with thousands of gallons of clean water each week!

Here are a few pictures of the project:

In  May 2011 – there will be another race helping those in the Mole directly! We are so excited!

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