His Special Gifts…

Since coming here in June, God has opened our eyes to many of his special children! Malonea showed up on our footsteps with her dress over her head – trying to show us she was hungry. Attiilien cannot read or write and people often tease him. Yet he showed up at our house dumping our garbage without ever being asked. He just wanted to “help” us.

Fedna is no exception!  Fedna is 8 years old. While walking to the mission property we saw her sitting outside  – dirty – naked – alone –  right in front of the bridge. Her parents were no where to be found. Her brothers and sisters – no where in sight.

Earlier this year she had become severely ill and her mom was going to let her die. She told her neighbor there was no need in trying to save her. She will never be “normal”. Her neighbor is Mme Certissier  – who works in our group kitchen. She took her in while she was very sick. She took her to the hospital for treatment and stepped in where the mother should have. After she was better – she gave Fedna back to her family. Mme Certissier already has 7 children of her own. She doesn’t have the means to take care of another child.

Terzie moved here in July. She was a full time worker in the Miriam Center for over 7 years. She has a heart for God’s special children. Having only been here a few weeks – Terzie came to me telling me that this little girl is neglected – living with parents who do not love her. Terzie is a single mom with 5 children. She doesn’t have the capability to take Fedna into her home. However – Terzie goes by her house every day. She bathes her. She dresses her with the clothes from my children. She even brings her to church on Sundays.  She does therapy on her hand 3 days a week. If not for her beautiful heart – Fedna would still be naked and dirty sitting outside her home – ALL ALONE!

Fedna has the mental capacity of a 1 year old. She has no function in one of her hands. She is a happy child. She smiles and laughs all the time. We’re not sure how well she can see. She doesn’t talk at all. She has a hard time letting people know what she wants. She can’t follow simple instructions. The mom  told us she is useless and has begged us to take her. It’s not  a mom begging us to take their child  – because they know we can take better care of her. It’s a mother telling us – she doesn’t really want anything to do with this little child – please get her out of the way. So sad.

The Miriam Center is already at maximum capacity. When it moves to the new property  – they’ll be able to take Fedna. But that might be another year or so. Please pray for this family. Pray for the hearts of her parents. Pray that they will see this little girl as a beautiful gift God has given them.

Jose and I take our family out for evening walks when the weather is nice. We push Gigi around in her wheelchair. I was reminded of St. Louis du Nord –  9 years ago. People going to the clinic would tease all the children. They would stare and point and make fun. I made the security guards dismiss anyone who did that. They were not going to receive our medical services if they made fun of the children. As the mission started to value these beautiful children – the community began to as well.

Everyone in the Mole points and stares at Gigi when we take her out. They don’t understand why we “chose” to help someone who’s “broken”. The hearts of the people here are so hardened when it comes to special-needs. We must show them how to love! We must show them how to value ! We must show them the beautiful prize these children are!

This is the fabric she sleeps on – dirty!

This is the floor she sleeps on:

This is where we normally find her – Outside sitting by the bridge

This is at Church on Sunday:

This is her neighbor giving her a bath. She said sometimes she just feels so sorry for her – she has to step in.

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