Happy Thanksgiving Karenage!

Thanks to Savannah’s FCA Team Endurance – we are able to provide much-needed water to a small mud village! A village that had to walk miles to find clean water will now be able to find it within yards of their homes!

Pictured below – you’ll see that the cistern itself is all done. They’ve already dug the space to place the pipes. From what the mayor’s secretary told Jocelyn, today they will be working on placing all the pipes. So tomorrow they will be able to find and store water!  PRAISE THE LORD!

I want to thank everyone out there who reads this ministry blog and acts! Every time you help – you become the answer to the prayers of desperate people whose goal is to only make it through today. They don’t ask for much – just for the chance to survive.

We forget sometimes how blessed we are. You can go to your faucet,  turn it on, and get clean water! (It might not taste great but you won’t get Cholera from it). You open your fridge and your biggest decision is WHAT will you choose to eat from it.

Be thankful today for the little things…. having a big meal with your family – a table full of food. A roof over your head that keeps you from experiencing every single raindrop that falls.(Unlike our friends living in tents).

Friends – the blessings are there – be sure and count them not just today – but each day God grants your lungs a breath.


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