A Few Testimonies from Pleasant Valley Youth…

Tonight at dinner I asked the team if they wouldn’t mind sharing about their adventures from the past two days! Here are a few stories…

Cody Clawson

Today was an unbelievable day. Things happened that I know I will never forget! At 7 this morning we went to a village called, Preskull. As hard as this is to believe it was just discovered. These people live on their own with little to nothing and they live off what they have. We are hoping to come back in June with a lot to provide for them. We have thought of many ideas on how to make everyday living for them easier. After we were done with that village we came back to Mole and played with the kids all day. It is so awesome to watch these kids faces light up at the littlest gestures. They are so grateful for everything. Everyone here is so friendly and accepts you so easy. Later tonight we have a bonfire planned and we just made a skit so it should be an interesting/fun night. We aren’t exactly the greatest actors so the kids will definitely have a laugh or two from it. Hopefully they take away a lot from what we can bring them. We are getting a lot of ideas and this next trip we are going to be able to effect a lot of people’s lives in a good way. Jezi remen ou.

P.S. These kids are rockin the John Wall!!! M-I-Z…


Rachel Spencer

Today was one of the greatest days of my life. We did so much and i loved every bit of it. This morning I lead the devotion and shared several verses that supported what we were doing in Haiti. Then we had a wonderful breakfast of oatmeal. After that we rode in a big ok really small truck for about 45 minutes to travel to a village that nobody knew about and it was awesome. I loved trying to communicate with the women as they tried to tell me about their lives and their homes. Then we had them paint what their most need was. it was very precious. And then we rode back on the very bumpy and long ride. Jocelyn and Pierre (our translators) are very helpful. Then we got to play with the children and paint the fingernails of the little girls. I love the kids here even though i cant understand what they are trying to tell me. I love to play with them and tell them – bonswa (BTW which is hello). I could have stayed there all day long but we had to come to a close. We took many pictures and they love to look at themselves in the screen. They are all so cute. Even though i miss my family very much -I am having so much fun showing them tons of love. Cant wait for our bonfire tonight as we do a skit to show forgiveness. Then we are going to have some awesome smores. Cant wait to see what all we can do here. I LOVE IT HERE!! May God bless them and work through us to them. Praying that we will get a safe ride home and to and from airports!!! {143} Z-O-U!!!!!!


Caleb Eissler

Today.  January 15, 2011.  A day I’ll never forget.  God’s working in ways I can’t even fathom.  After getting to the village last night and playing with and getting to know the kids, I was pumped!  Watching the face of a little4-year-old light up when you toss him a ball or take his picture is one of the most magical, amazing, and reassuring things I’ve ever seen.  After watching their faces beam, I’ve probably smiled as much as they have.  I can feel tugs from God in ways I never knew were possible.  This trip has been a blessing so far and something that’s changing me forever.  It’s hard to believe that back home we kind of just forget about the people down here.  We have sooooo much to learn from them.  We’re teaching them about Jesus and they’re teaching us about life.  God’s working here and we can all see it.  This is absolutely incredible.  2 Timothy 1:7.

P.S.  We’ve taught the kids a handshake and the John Wall dance so now every time they see us the put out their hands to get a little shake in.  Even little things like that make the smile.   And there’s a basketball court down here where a lot of the adults and kids play and heck, even down here they can school me on the court.  It’s pretty great.   M-I-Z-


Bandon Chapman

Today has been the most inspiring day for me and has taught me the most so far. First of all Jody talked last night about how we should not only be God’s hands and feet, but also his face. We’ve heard a lot of voodoo sacrificing ceremonies at night so far and last night I read out of 1 Corinthians 8 which directly teaches us about both of these; how sacrificing is evil and how to show Christ to others. Second, we went to a village called Preskull that was discovered recently, and they are living in tough conditions. That’s where I felt like God has called our student ministry to serve and take care of. It broke my heart to see them working together socontently, with nothing at all and nobody helped them. I felt the true, deep love of God for each one of them. I cannot wait to go back and see them again tomorrow!

P.S. We’re having a bonfire on the beach tonight with the teens in the Mole to top off the day!  And by the way….. Cody, Caleb and I still haven’t showered yet!

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  1. We are enjoying the emails and praising God for each of you and those lives you are touching. God be with you!

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