Karenage, Evangelism, & Eye Clinic…

This morning we woke up with our usual rooster call around 5:00 or a little earlier.  It’s all good because God is here showing up every day!  After breakfast, we boarded our boat to go to Preskul, a small fishing village.  Our boat was full of people and full of chickens.  We got our chickens from their coop near the church.  They had an ocean-front view but they’re going to a new village with an ocean-front view.  God is here and we are good – bon!

They were excited and we were too!  We had 2 roosters and 19 chickens that the people at Preskul were blessed with.  After we dropped off the chickens, we took the boat to Karenage to have vacation bible school, sing songs, make a cross necklaces and hand out Crystal Light and granola bars.  They were excited to see us and enjoyed our visit.

Our translators have been wonderful—not only speaking Creole for us but also by helping us with crowd control and crafts.  They’re the best!  We saw a man repairing his boat using a rock (no hammer there).  The kids were in school so the ones that didn’t attend school and most of the adults were at our VBS.  It was a great time that I will never forget.

My puppet, Tap Tap, has been great too helping me keep the children’s attention.  His braids still are in tact after four sessions this week!  After that, we went to lunch at Jose and Jody’s home.  The food is exceptional!  We had dumplings, potatoes and goat.  Yummy in my tummy!

Early afternoon, we changed and proceeded to the soccer field to challenge the Mole St. Nicholas kids.  Whew, we all played about an hour in the heat and humidity…but again, God showed up and we had an amazing time!  Got to hit my treadmill when I get home so next trip I won’t be so winded!  They are amazing—the soccer ball swishing here and there between their long legs!

After soccer, we walked to our hotel to rest a bit before going to the church to meet with pastor to do our prayer walk.  We walked 2.5 hours all around the Mole stopping at homes to pray for his congregation and others.  God was glorified, and the people were blessed!

We just finished dinner, and now we’re off to the soccer field to show The Jesus Film to the Mole.  I’m excited about it!  It was a super busy day with a lot on our agenda.  God was present every day we were here and continues to bless us with his greatness!  We’ve all been extremely challenged as a team with physical, emotional and more importantly spiritual challenges.  I am stronger and more determined to Live Fully Alive for Jesus!  Stay tuned for tons and tons of photos and more stories as we serve the Lord in Haiti.  We’re headed to Port au Prince for the final night and then home to the cold and ice.

I have beautiful memories and can’t wait until I can return to this beautiful area of Haiti.  To God be the glory, forever and ever and ever!



Dr. Marcellus came from St. Louis du Nord last night (5 hours) so that the Mole could have it’s first eye doctor consultations! He saw 163 patients today. John Davis prayed with each patient! We held the clinic at the Pastor’s house. What a huge blessing to the people here. They have been begging for an eye doctor since we got here over 6 months ago. There is an eye surgery team coming to Haiti next month. Many of the patients are signed up for surgery! To God Be The Glory!


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