Children Go Where I Send Thee. How Shall I Send Thee?


I’ve been singing that song since I was a little girl… “Children go where I send thee. How shall I send thee? I’m gonna send thee one by one… one for the little bitty baby…” This counting song is all about folks who either spread the Gospel or needed to hear the Gospel!  Over the last few weeks, my heart has swelled as I have watched God begin to mold our family into a ministry team.

Preaching The Word

Baptizing New Believers

Healing the Sick

Praying For The Lost

Giving Living Water

As you can see from the pictures, even my children are getting into the act! They know how important it is to preach the Word, heal the sick, feed the hungry, and give hope to the hopeless. I have learned from them as they role-play and now realize that it is time for the performance. The curtain is rising on a beautiful new ministry for the Mole and I would love for you to be a patron sponsor! In fact, just like any good play, I can’t really make this happen without some audience participation.


My vision is to follow Matthew 28:19 and GO! Go to the fishing villages. Go to the huts on the mountain. Go to the folks who have been forgotten. The devastation in Japan just makes the vision all the more clear for the work at the Mole and the work of the Castillo’s! A year ago, there was a chance of a tsunami after our earthquake. If it had hit Haiti, there would be nothing left. A nation lost to the sea… and worst of all quite possibly an entire group of people who died living in fear of Satan and never knowing Christ as their Savior.  There is no time to stop—it is time to GO! There are folks on this mountain that do not know Jesus and while it is awesome that I can give them a fishing boat—I will be a complete failure if I don’t get to them weekly and teach them about the Savior who brings Living Water and can give them more than food to satisfy their hunger.


I need your help. God has told this child to go and reach the lost. I have asked Him how. And I am left with a plan. We would like to purchase a Diesel Kubota – as pictured here:

I have ridden in this vehicle and traveled through the mountains. This vehicle can handle any kind of terrain. It can be easily equipped with supplies needed to minister to each village in our area. Will you help us? The cost of the vehicle is $10,000.

Without a teacher – how will they learn?

Please Help Us Help Them!


Please don’t let this idea run out of gas! As you can see  – my kids love to play games and pretend to be like their Mom. But the truth is– this is not child’s play. The curtain is rising… its opening night… will you help me bring down the house for Jesus?


If you can give to this project, please send it to

NWHCM     7271 South Mayflower Park    Zionsville, IN 46077




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19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
Matthew: 28:19 NIV

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