day 4.

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Hi everyone its Kelsey Fields! We are on day 5 of our amazing trip in Haiti. This morning everyone was split in different groups Diane, Joe, and Nancy went to talk to the couples about how to NOT have babies and how to treat each other as God intended in their marriage. The rest of us went to the soccer fields and the basketball courts. There were many kids there and we played frisbee, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and kick ball! We also got to talk with some of the people who were sitting along the streets. Great conversations arose between each and everyone of us. After that we had lunch and went to the church to decorate for the Gran Moun (the old people party)!

We handed out hats, sunglasses, necklaces and did lots of dancing! We had cake, and punch for them to eat just like a birthday party in the United States. Emily read about how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and we did just that. Each one of us washed one of the Haitians feet. It was a great experience! Then as they came  in we painted their nails, and did face painting. We cleaned up and headed back to the hotel. The brides and grooms that are getting married tomorrow came for a fitting into their dresses and their suits. Can’t wait for tomorrow to see all of the 18 couples get married and enjoy this celebration with them!

I wanted to say hi to my mom, dad and sister!! I love you and I’m doing fine! Miss home but I am having an AMAZING time!! Tell Nana hi and that I’m praying and hoping that she is feeling better! Love you see you Saturday! Can’t wait to tell you all the stories!

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