day 3.

Short post today. Exhausted but so still great! Had church and then went to a little town called Daniel. We had VBS in a tiny little building which we packed full! I have never seen that many well behaved children sit still for that long. I do not know what our interpretor Monine said, but they listened and listened well. I think we are heading back there on Thursday with goats for them. Such sweet kids!

Today for me personally was really difficult. God’s doing some really great stuff in me, but not with a fair amount of hard moments. But ya know, where would we be with out those times…only make us thankful for the times that aren’t genuinely kicking my butt. We’ve all learned to call them “Haiti Moments”. We all have them or will have them, so be sure to ask us when we get home. Anyways, love you all, so much.

a couple of the girls from church.

VBS in Daniel.

One of the kids from Daniel…I mean I think she’d fit in my suitcase, right??

*jackie herb

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