day 7.

After the wedding day yesterday, today, I left my camera at the mission. Two reasons. One, I wanted to really be able to hold some babies and engage. And two, we went to a little fishing village called Ka Pa Fu that was about a 45 minute boat ride in which I didn’t know if I would get wet or not. And I did. But it was beautiful. Our boat ride was smooth as it could be even though we all may have been a little leary last night. When we arrived it was like another National Geographic moment. Grass huts that were a little taller than the ones at Preskul and lots of fishing stuff. There weren’t a ton of kids there because they had walked all the way to The Mole for school which they do two days a week. We got to sit around and hang out with the people. We did a VBS with some of the kids and adults in a little straw hut. Steven and a couple guys took some of the men out to show them how to fish with lines. It’s a fisherman’s dream out here. As we were leaving, Nancy rode a donkey and ya know what, that donkey was not dumb. I was really impressed.

We came home, had lunch and said goodbye to Danielle and Curtis and some of the interns that came over from La Baie. So great to see people from home! We spent the afternoon trying to get over our hump day with naps and cards and a little VBS at the church on the ocean. Tomorrow we are heading back to Preskul for another VBS and to work with the people a little. Pray it ends up being in a boat and not a tap tap (please Lord, PLEASE). And then we will head back for a bonfire on the beach with our team. This trip has truly been full of testaments to God’s faithfulness, big and small. These people continue to amaze me every day with their hearts and how they are so strong and sustain through everything that they have endured. Keep our last couple days in your prayers that we have an extra burst of energy and are really intentionally investing in the people that we contact with.

on the boat.

Ka Pa Fu

So clear.

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  1. I am from one of the last groups that visited the Mole, and I am missing seeing the Haitian people and, of course, the Castillos. I am so happy that you went to Ka Pa Fu to do a VBS!!! Did you see the 2-year-old that they call Love (a short version of her name)? Nancy, what a cool experience to ride on a donkey! Thank you for the updates and the work that your team is doing! Continue being the face of Jesus!

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