day 8: part 1.

Today I woke up early. Well earlier than normal being like 5:30 Haitian time and with the roosters and dogs and Haitians starting their day even earlier (and not in any sort of quiet manner) outside my window, I was up. [And just for the record, the ear plugs that say they are #1 and “the best” on package, either lied or their market researchers never went to Haiti because they hold no match against livestock] I wanted to write because I don’t know if I’ll get the chance tonight. We aren’t having dinner here at the house. We are roasting hot dogs and s’mores on the beach with our team in hopes of soaking up our last night here with our interpreters and other staff.

This trip has been a roller coaster ride for me. The first two days were rough. I spent them missing home, adjusting to heat and resigning myself to the fact that even after a shower I was not going to feel clean for over a week. Then my heart really began to break for these people and this country. The second day at Preskul was a real prespective changer for me. I left frustrated and defeated. It’s so difficult to feel like you can make any kind of real difference sometime when you see the things that we’ve seen on this trip. Then I am brought back to the realization that who am I to say that my idea for these people is what they need. God has provided for them up until this point, why would His faithfulness all of a sudden change? It hasn’t in my life even though sometimes I have a really hard time seeing it.

Here’s to our last full day serving in Haiti, loving on these people and seeing God through them.

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