Thanks for the Amazing Week of Ministry…

Savannah and Parkside are now headed back to the states! I can’t even begin to describe the impact both teams had here. They accomplished more in one week than we could in months!

Thanks to everyone for their comments! We read them to the teams each night and it was a great encouragement!

Crossroads and Freedom Reigns are heading our way on Sunday! We have medical clinics and a revival planned! Please be in prayer for their safe travels and the ministry we have planned this next week!


  1. Thank you for a wonderful trip. Parkside will be a buzz about the mole Sunday.
    Savannah was one of the best groups I have been in with (and I have been with many)
    Some of our group were saying “Y’all” on the way home, but thats OK my wife is from WV so I’m used to it. God did many things with just a few kids and some old people.(kinda like the loaves and fishes thing) He doesn’t need a lot just some willing hands, and He will go from there.
    Benna and the Gattor were a life savor for me, (Jose too)

    Don’t know when the next trip will be for me , but I am ready when God tugs again.

    Love to all
    Yea God ! ! ! !


  2. Thanks so much for hosting us Jodi and Jose! It was a life changing experience and I hope that we were able to bless the Mole as much as they blessed us. I will continue to pray for the people we encountered as well as your family.


    1. You guys were a lot of fun and accomplished a lot in the week you were here! Thanks for ministering alongside us! 🙂

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