Savannah and Momentum’s Fun Filled Wednesday….


Day 5 in Haiti, WOW! What a glorious day to serve God! It was filled with Bible study with the single women, VBS with the children, sports and spreading God’s word along with some finger nail polish. The Holy Spirit is alive and well in Haiti!

We had lunch with the leaders of the single women’s small groups and they are on fire doing bible study. Tomorrow we plan on handing out 300 to 400 hundred trees to give to the community as a primary source of income. I cannot begin to put into words what God is doing in my life! He has showed me how to LOVE unconditionally and to LOVE everyone. These people may be materially poor, yet they are so rich – they are so loving, so hospitible, so satisfied with the simple life they have been given.

I personally did something I would do at home. We went up the mountain visiting one hut after another, and I painted toe nails. You need to know that I DO NOT like feet! And there I was painting toe nails in a culture where shoes are a rarity and so are clean feet. What a humbling experience. Some of the children continued to follow us so that we would paint their nails two and three times just because they wanted us to hold their hands once more.

They are so desperate for a loving touch. We went with a simple mission to love, and God used finger nail polish to open the door. God is good all the time!

Keep us in your prayers so that we may stay strong and healthy, God isn’t finished with us yet.

Chris P  


FANTABULOUS day! This morning, us women folk worked with the Savannah group on a VBS/Single Mothers Bible Study.  The Savannah women led and we were just able to help out where needed.  I felt blessed to be able to pray over a group of single mothers, even though they have no idea what I said 🙂 I’m pretty sure I really scared them when I summed it all up with some big hugs.

While the women did this, the men folk did some digging. A LOT of digging, and a lot of sweating.  This was for the school foundation, and I’ve never seen so much sweat. Meredith (“beast”)actually joined the guys for a big portion of the digging (in an effort to make the rest of us ladies look bad, I think) and actually got the joy of digging up a leg bone.

OH…YEAH. A leg bone.  This happened only after Danny dug up a skull. YES, I’m dead serious…hee hee.  Ok, this doesn’t seem funny, but we have decided we have to find the humor in it, or else it is too creepy. I’m sure you can only imagine the number of jokes that have been flying around.  One of the Haitian workers told Meredith, “Uh, yeah. People, they die. They die.”  UH….ok.

After lunch, a few of us got to do some “hut to hut evangelism” in the mountains.  It was so cool. We painted some nails (young and old) and Billy prayed for the families.  The kids are so desperate for the  affection that they actually run off, wipe the polish off, and come back and ask you to paint their nails again. They are such a nice, appreciative people, and a joy to be around.  We even had one women (pregnant with her 3rd child) ask us to come and pray over her family and home because her husband is sick. While we were doing this, the guys (and Meredith) continued to dig.

I’m pretty sure none of them have ever sweat that much. Ever.  We all met back up mid-afternoon to deliver the goats and pigs we bought in the market the other day. We were able to take these to the homes and pray over the families that were receiving them. We got some pictures and it was wonderful.  We are now sitting down for a spaghetti dinner and a devotion, while watching Josh learn some sassy snap moves from a 7 year old. Don’t worry, we have video!

Mandy & Debbie – We loved your sweet cards and letter – THANK YOU!!!  One other thing of note is a sad story involving Matt.  Stephen and Matt have been tent mates all week, however, Stephen left for the St. Louis campus this morning for the remainder of the week to help them with the layout of new buildings.  Some of the guys heard Matt softly crying in his tent all alone, so we laughed for a few minutes then went back to sleep.  Just kidding Mandy!

Tomorrow will be another full day, including a trip to Kapafu, a fishing village, to do a VBS for the kids and adults alike.  Thank you so much for the blog comments – you have no idea how much they mean to us right now.  Along those lines, Loren, Tricia and Kelly – Jody reads the comments out loud to us every night – you’re killing us with the mush!!!  We love you guys, and can’t wait to share some of our incredible experiences here.

***This is Jody typing right now. Tonight my 2-year-old son fell and busted his chin. Billy walked with me and my husband in the dark to the doctor’s house. Then we went to the clinic. It took 3 of us to hold him down on a metal table, sweat dripping, with bugs flying everywhere. Bill held Asher’s little sweaty head and prayed over him the whole time. We were gone for over an hour. It’s been an honor getting to know him and it REALLY meant a lot to us.


  1. Thanks again for the update. Just a quick prayer via internet for you guys, “Lord, I pray that you continue to give this team strength to make it through the remainder of the week. I pray that as they are in the home stretch, that they will be filled with energy, passion, and joy that is found in you alone. God, give them rest. Give them safety and good health. Most importantly, give them your eyes for the people of Haiti. And help the people of Haiti to see the hope that they have to offer. Let them know they are loved, missed, and prayed for. Amen.” Josh, Moxie went great. Everything ran smoothly. The guys won the Golden Moxie. Meredith, Matt, Gabby, and Josh we prayed for you guys before the service began. Also, our phone line was cut while my Dad was doing some yard work for us, so I am having to go to their house to use the internet because even my phone internet doesn’t work in the house. So I will try my best to stay on top of the updates. I love you so much! Adey’s new saying is “sneaky, sneaky.” I can’t wait for you to hear her say it. She is so funny. We are all ready for you to be home, but hope that you enjoy your last few days. Here’s some good mush for everyone to enjoy, can’t wait to hug ya and give you a big ole smooch! Love you and everyone else! See ya soon baboon!

  2. Dear Team,
    I can sense your emotion in this latest post and I know this has been a hard yet amazing trip, God never gets these things wrong and you all are an amazing team and I know your imprint and your service will be remember for years and years!! Thank you for being that constant reminder that we are here on this Earth to serve Him and bring Him and Him alone glory!! You all are being that light to those in Haiti and here in GA. Thank you for the details–way to go Mere doing the hard “guy” work love it!! Kim I hear you are doing an amazing job and all the guys–its just awe inspiring to hear and see you serving the Lord and others with all you have, our church is so lucky to have you and I am so thankful my boys have all of you to look up to. Ladies I love each of you so much and I am thankful you are my friends and that I can be on this faith journey with each of you!! Thank you to Jody for being so gracious and loving and for reading our comments to our dear team–we love you all so much!!
    *Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up each of these amazing people that you have so graciously chosen to serve through you in Haiti. I pray Lord you would continue to lead them, protect them, stretch them, mold them and use them in mighty ways. I pray for the people they have and will be serving that there hearts would be open and that they would know that our team and the Savannah team have something about them that is infectious in a great way!! I pray for them to sleep deeply and with ease, I pray they find courage and strength and rest in you daily. Thank you for them, thank you for their families who have been so open to share them and just let them GO!!! Its in your great and mighty name I pray–AMEN!!

    I love you and miss you all so much!! Way to Go!!
    Heather Ferris

  3. Father,

    Thank you for yet another day. Please meet the needs of every heart today, protect, provide, strengthen and pour out your spirit on this team. Thank you for allowing our family the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. I am so amazed at what you can do in and through your people if we just let ya. Use this team BIG today, love on them as they love on others. In Jesus nme

  4. Hey savannah team,
    I love reading these post every night! It brings back my memories of when I was there just a few months ago. When I read the posts about kappa Fu i could see all the kids in the fishing village and how happy the p

  5. Tears, yes I admit it tears this morning as I read your update. Just blown away by what you all are getting to do and be. You get it now – right? The Haiti effect. It just does something to you and I’m so glad you all are experiencing this! You’ll never be the same. I’m excited for the stories and the transformation you all will bring back to Momentum. We love you all, we are so proud of you, and are humbled by your willingness to step out! We keep praying and I can’t wait to see some of this video that keeps getting referred to. “Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do it all in the name of Jesus…”

  6. Josh, hoping you got some new moves for Bartowski.
    Matt, Don’t worry about those noises at night as you sleep alone in your tent.
    Mr. Bill, will you paint my toe nails.
    Meredith, Wow – digging! You are beast. No more bones please!

  7. Hey team,
    I just wanted to say I love you guys. I was talking with Jesus and he wanted me to tell you well done. Can’t wait to hear your stories.

  8. hey team, I’m with Bart I have tears this morning as well. My heart is so full for you guys! I have had the privilege of going on missions trips and it is an indescribible feeling. I know ya’ll are keeping an incredibly busy schedule to get as much done as you can and there probably still seems so much more that needs to be done. I do know that at this point there may be exhaustion, but God’s energy and strength start to take over so be prepared to be even more BLESSED!!! I think it’s GOd’s way of making sure we know when it’s all said and done we in no way could’ve accomplished what we did with out his supernatural abilities. I am praying over you and your families as you are on the down hill stretch. Be safe and I can’t wait to hear all the stories either!!

  9. Ahhhh yes! Drenched in the spirit again. Reading your updates each morning is like my own personal dose of time with Jesus. I just can’t help but praise and honor Him for all that He’s allowing you to experience. I know that God is changing and transforming each and everyone one of you to bring more glory to His Kingdom. Ahhhh and what an HONOR to be used by the CREATOR of everything. He doesn’t need us…but He’s using you to expand His Kingdom and he’s pouring out His love on you. I read these posts each morning as the students are walking in and this morning I was so overjoyed by the love of the spirit I just started smiling and then suddenly laughing out of pure joy and humility and my students were like “umm…Mrs. Mauk…everything okay? Why are you laughing? hahahaha” It was funny, I thought I’d share. By the way…speaking of my class, we pray for you all every morning together and Matt I think you may have to come share with them about your trip! 🙂 Before I unleash the ‘mush’ as it was referred to in today’s post…let me just say that I am still so overwhelmingly proud of ALL OF YOU! But more importantly, I know God is soooo proud as well. This is exactly what He has called us to do. You are doing great, I’m praying for you! I love you all
    Matthew Mauk,
    Since I was apparently being ‘mushy’, let me just say that the man in picture number 0721…I could butter him up and eat him like a roll (p.s. it’s you ;)) I love you like crazy! Guess what else…we both had spaghetti yesterday it seems…we practically had a dinner date together.
    Love you all again and again,
    Tricia Mauk

  10. I woke up at 3:30 this morning with our Haiti team and their families on my mind and could not sleep until I had prayed for you all. Jesus wanted me to remind you that He doesn’t work the way we work; what you are doing may seem small compared to the problems there, but He multiplies your efforts in ways you cannot imagine right now. You are creating a ripple that will soon spread in ever-widening circles to encompass more lives than we can count. The love you are sharing is far more powerful than the darkness!

  11. Hello Everyone!! I loved reading what you were all up to yesterday, it’s just so great to see what Christ is doing through you all!! I can’t wait to hear stories and see mor e pictures of those beautiful people! Please Let Matt know that I had dinner with his sweet wife last night and she is so missing her HONEY!! I don’t like that Stephen left Matt alone in that tent so I expect Steven,Josh,Andrew,Bill,and Danny to all bunk with him tonight,( I am not playing I mean it!!!) my poor little boy!! Please ladies one by one give Matthew Mauk a great BIG HUG from his MOM!! You look great SON!! Katie I hope that your getting some rest and taking care of yourself MISSY!! Much love to you all!!


  12. Ok…so, I’m with Bart on this one…tears. Happy tears, of course! I am just blown away by what you guys are getting to do there. I mean its kind of simple…painting finger nails…but it is so HUGE! The little things we take for granted can have such a profound impact. I know you are also doing big things with the construction, and it is so awesome! Meredith…you are a beast, and I love you for it!! Way to go, girl! I do have to say that if I dug up a bone, I probably would have screamed like a little girl. I, too, am so honored to be a part of such an amazing church family that answers the call of Jesus to get out there. Thank you for what you are doing this week and the sacrifices you are making. Love you all and can’t wait to see you!!!
    Andria Lamp

  13. Wow!!!! This update was awesome! I am so blessed and inspired by all that you guys have been able to do to serve the people of Haiti. I know God has used each of you to make a real impact in their lives. Way to go ladies!! Sounds like ya’ll have been having a great time loving on all the sweet little ones(yes, I’m jealous!!) And what a blessing and honor to be able to pray with families in their homes. Guys, sounds like you have been working your tails off in the heat. We are all so proud of each of you! Know that all the work you are doing will further His kingdom for many years and years!! Praying for you all to have a refreshed new energy to finish out the week!! We miss you guys and can’t wait to hear all about what God has done!!!! I know Stephen is sadly not with you all anymore, but incase he can read this somehow 🙂 Here is some mushiness,lol! I love you baby, and I’m so proud of you!!! I’m getting more and more excited to hear about all that God has in store for us! Grayson and I miss you so much!!! Love you Stephen!!
    Jody, I’m sorry to hear about little Asher. 🙁 We are praying for him to heal quickly!

  14. Sweet Haiti Team,
    You guys are definitely in the “get-er done” mode (as they say in Ga.). Your willingness to serve in so many different ways is a testament to who you are in Christ. Meredith – digging a ditch, when is the last time you dug a ditch in Ga? Way to go!!! Now the skull and leg bone – hmm not so much.
    I’m super proud of each of you, how you have represented our Father. Your flexibility, your character, and work ethic do not go unnoticed. God has seen the work of your hands and the going of your feet and says “Well Done.”
    As you come to the end of an amazing week I know many emotions are setting in right now. But stay the course; don’t get ahead of what God still has for you in the next few days. Be in the moment. I continue to pray for each of you, for the people of Haiti and the full time mission families. Praying also for the Savannah team to finish strong.
    God hears our prayers – Matthew 18:19&20 “I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about something and pray for it, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven. This is true because if two or three people come together in my name, I am there with them.” Many are praying in agreement and I can be confident God hears those prayers. I love each of you dearly and anticipate your return with wonder, as I know God is doing something amazing in your days.
    Amazing Heavenly Father, we give you praise. We honor and glorify your name. You truly are the King of kings and the Lord of Lords. We thank you and worship and glorify your name forever and ever, Amen.
    Love and blessings, Debbie

  15. Dear Team Haiti,
    Thank you so much for your updates. They make us feel like we are a part of it. Thank you for your hard work and your willingness to serve the people of Haiti. You make us so proud! I want to shout “That’s my church, that’s my church!” Andrew, Dad and I are so, so, SO, proud of you! I know you are working very hard but you are storing up treasure in heaven, the only treasure worth having! We are praying for you constantly. I thank God, over and over, for the gift you are in our lives, “…being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6). XOXOXOOOO Dear Lord, I thank You for this beautiful group of servants. How proud we are to be able to call them our own. Please give them endurance for the remainder of their time in Haiti. Give them a burst of strength and love that can only come from You. Prepare a safe and smooth journey home for them. Thank you that we know they are in your loving hands. We give you all the glory, our wonderful holy loving God! In Jesus’ name. Amen!

  16. Dear Team,
    My stomach is doing cartwheels!! When I think about the difference you are making, no matter how big or small, I know you will hear “Well done, thy good and faithfull servant”!! As we hear about your daily adventures, I know God is stirring….a big pot of “you need to go next time Girl” My prayers are many and my thoughts a constant. Stay strong, keep your head up…so you do not miss a moment!! Leep and Dance, Pray and Sing!! Love to all of you.

  17. I’m with Tricia I could just butter that guy up and eat him like a roll. I can’t wait to kiss his face. I heard you all may be going to buy some more animals. All I can say is that if the pig was named Bart then the two donkeys should be named Seth and David.

    Love you all. How cool is it that we can communicate this way?

  18. OK, I’m 100% addicted to your updates every day & really don’t know what I will do when they stop coming. I should seriously be getting some work done but I just love, love, love reading every part & every comment! It makes us feel in a very small way that we are there with you. I know that you can all feel the prayers pouring over you and God’s amazing Spirit propelling you forward to finish out the work He has for you to do this week. Please know that your Momentum family is so very proud of each and every one of you for taking the steps or maybe even leaps of faith to get you where you are. May others follow in your footsteps!!
    Ms. Piggy or First Lady Stone, whichever you want to call me

  19. We miss you guys and can’t wait to see you! Meredith…see if they will let you bring the bone on the plane….Chopper needs a new one!!!

  20. Hey guys! This is Kim from Parkside in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was in Haiti this past summer and am so enjoying following your posts. I am praying for you and the Haitian people, knowing that as you touch their lives they are touching your hearts forever. I am so longing to return to those beautiful smiles and little hands reaching for yours as you walk through town. Know that God is using you mightily for His glory, you are encouraging those of us reading the blogs stateside and blessing those who will benefit from the fruits of your efforts. Jody and Jose, you know I think you guys are awesome, hope Asher is doing okay and please give hugs to all the Castillo Clan, we love you and miss you!!

  21. God of all glory, fill your children with your power, your strength, your love, and most of all your Spirit as they continue to minister in Haiti.

    We continue to pray for you all, and love to hear stories that make us laugh and cry. How many times in your life will you be able to say, “Yes, it’s a skull?” No, really Danny, how many? And by the way, Gabby, Bart seems like a perfectly good name for a pig to me. I want to thank you all for doing for the people of Haiti what Jesus is not here to do. Carry on.

    Andrew, mom and I love you so much, and can’t wait to see you.

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