Last Day for Momentum and Savannah…


Wow.  What a perfect end to a perfect week.  Just for the record Katie Mae & Mer are still enjoying the beach- so you’re stuck with Tammie & Gabby blogging (good luck with this whole thing) 😉

First since Katie shared an embarassing story about Kim, here’s one on Katie. While delivering the goats & Bartina to the families in the village a little baby was in her own little world playing when all of a sudden this huge animated blanc face says HEY BABY!!  The terror on this childs face was something on America’s Funniest Home Videos.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my life.

Anywho- this morning started out with Meredith & Gabby getting their hair braided.  After this they made plenty of local boyfriends.  We went to the top of the hill & did hut to hut.  It wouldn’t be Kim though if she didn’t rip her skirt on the way up the hill.   Kim, Meredith, Gabby & Billy got to pray again for this little boy who is crippled, while the rest of us enjoyed playing bubbles, painting nails & playing ball with the kiddos.

Afterwards we did a sports camp (which I think the locals won).  Our guys were pretty amazing though.  Its hard to say what the most amazing part of this trip has been…the church service today was definetly something to write home about though.  The Savannah team delivered the message on the Parable of The Lost Son.  The service was the coolest thing ever.  There were prayers being sent up in Creole & English- Singing & worship with hands held high & voices crying out praises to Jesus.  I know Danny had a moment when this little girl, who wouldn’t have anything to do with him at first, grabbed his hand during prayer & looked up at him and smiled.  (I’ll wait while you grab the tissue)  The preacher got up & thanked us for sharing life with them.  I some how feel we are the ones who have been more blessed.

We ended the night with a relaxing bonfire on the beach with..wait for it… PIZZA & HOT DOGS. Beyond awesome. The only thing that could be better if Steven was there. 🙁  We miss him so much!

Jodi & Jose are amazing.  They have been so gracious & real throughout this entire trip.

Thank you all for the encouraging words, prayers, cards & mush 🙂  Please continue to pray for safe travel.  We love you all & can’t wait to see your faces.

P.S.  Gabby wanted me to let all of you know the donkeys names are Seth & Danielle

(Danielle is a girl & therefore couldn’t have the name David…it would give her a complex)


I can not believe its our last night. What an amazing trip! Today we went hut to hut as the hands and feet of Jesus. We went into the homes of these two sisters. One of them began to talk and talk in Creole. Pierre our awesome translator told us that she had a bad dream the night before about a witch doctor coming to her and she kept stomping and stomping satan into the ground. When we showed up she said she felt we were coming to share Jesus to comfort her. She is strong in her faith and I am so humbled that God used our Savannah Christian Team to be there for her and her sister and family. She is crippled so she can’t always go to church. Now we all can pray for them.

Our team did a Praise and Worship Service and Harrison preached an amazing sermon and we sang Amazing Grace and We are here to Worship. The blend of Creole and English is what I think Heaven may sound like. Our single moms showed up for the Praise and Worship too. God is amazing and I am honored to be apart of such a remarkable team with such a servant’s heart. We come home tomorrow. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Love to all,



  1. SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!!! Can’t wait to see you all and hear all of the stories in person. We are praying for safe, timely, and restful travel!!!!! I love you all! Josh, I love you and can’t wait to see you!!!!! WOOHOO!

  2. Hey friends! Sounds like you had a great day of serving and worship!! What a journey you all have been on, I know you will never be the same. I cant wait to talk with each of you! We are so proud of ya’ll! I’m sure Stephen is missing you guys too 🙁 I am a little sad for him since he has not been with ya’ll. We all CAN NOT WAIT for you all to be home safely!!! Lots and lots of prayers going up tonight! Praying for great rest tonight and smooth traveling tommorow!! Stephen, hoping you can read this somehow! I miss you like crazy and cant wait to hug your neck soon!!!! Love you baby!!!

  3. You all have been awesome. We were talking tonight how this blog has created the same unity and anticipation that our bible read had!! Thank you for taking the time each day to update us!! We love you guys so much and I look forward to hugging you all and just seeing your faces!! I pray you each have a wonderful nights rest and that u travel tomorrow is swift and easy and safe!! Thank you for serving so faithfully and with such joy!! Way to go Momentum team!! Thanks to Jody and her crew for taking such great care of our friends!! Praying Asher heals quickly!!
    Heather Ferris

  4. Wow – what an ending. You all stepped out and God has done amazing things with you! So very proud of you and humbled by your willingness to be out there and give. I know you have impacted the people in many ways and I’m sure that Haiti has impacted you in great ways. Come back sharing your stories, what God is teaching you, and be a light to your church and community. You won’t be the same and I’m thankful for that.

    Father, Thank you for this incredible opportunity for this team. Thank you so much for the people of Haiti and what they teach us. Thank you for the work of NWHCM. Thank you for their leadership. Thank you for providing incredible ministry opportunities. Give them safety as they travel home. Watch over them. May they live what you have taught them this week. In your name, Amen

  5. Thank you for the updates. It has been a blessing to read them and to pray for you all and your families.

    It has always been hard for me to come back home after experiences like these. It all seems so ordinary. But then I realized, there really is no ordinary in Christ. There is only what we are used to and what we are not used to. The love you shared in Haiti is no less real when you share it with your family and friends, or with the stranger at the grocery store. God uses these small things, these “ordinary” acts of love, wherever we are. The hard part is to take hold of that truth and walk in it daily, wherever you are. I pray that your experience in Haiti will transform your life in McDonough. Love to you all!

  6. Can’t wait to see you Andrew!

    Dear Lord, Thank you so much for this awesome experience. Protect our families as they come back to us. Make their journey safe and restful. Hold their hearts in Your hands as they transition back into American life. Let us never be the same again. In Jesus’ name Amen!

  7. Like the others, I’ve been so grateful for these blog posts. I agree with Heather in that being able to read what you guys and gals are upnto has definitely created a sense of unity. I feel as though I’ve shared a small piece of your journey. It’s been a joy to pray for you all, and I too cannot wait to hear about your journey. And Meredith – I love those braids you’re rocking. Hope you keep ’em until I see you in person.

  8. Jose & Jody,

    At the Friday night bon-fire I shared the story of the little girl sitting in front of me during the Friday worship service with the local Haitian church. The little girl wouldn’t even look at me during the sermon even though I tried to get her attention a couple times. She seemed extremely afraid of me as if I were Steve or Katie Swaney. After the sermon we all sang. The intertwining of Creole and English produced an amazing and joyous sound of praise. During this song several of us stood up during this awesome moment of worship. My eyes were closed as I sang to the glory of God when I felt a small hand grab my own. I almost pulled away as it startled me. When I opened my eyes my heart filled with a joy that is not expressible with words. The same little girl who looked more afraid than interested in me moments earlier had reached out and grabbed my hand and was giving me the most incredibly beautiful smile.

    Today as I skimmed through the blog reliving many of the highs from the week I stumbled across one special picture. My heart skipped a beat. If you look carefully on the left you see me standing on the edge of the aisle. Beside me is pictured the little girl with her hand extended upward and holding my hand. I am speechless and my eyes are clouded with tears. That moment in time which I expected to be a fleeting gift of God was captured by one of the Savannah team members then chosen by Jody out of hundreds of other pictures to be included in the blog. Chance? I don’t believe in it. Luck? I think not.

    [Pic wouldn’t paste but it is located at

    Jody and Jose, thank you for your guidance and participation with me and my family last week. We were truly graced with the chance to experience God’s love through many of the people of the Mole. We look forward to serving with you again soon!


    Danny, Kim, & Gabby

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