Jesus Is The Light!

Saturday morning at 6am – our staff took off in 4 groups to deliver the solar lights! We took down the names and addresses of everyone we visited. This afternoon we discussed the need for follow-up.

Saturday was truly a success. It allowed for us to reach out to neighbors in a way we never have before! The majority opened up their homes and hearts to us as we began to share about Jesus. This light would allow them to study at night – to keep their little ones from being scared – and to remind them that Jesus is with them.

I wanted to share a few of the stories that we need to keep praying for…

1) Mme Nene’s Group – The people were very receptive to the lights. There were many people excited and following us around. Some were cheering for us. We went to one lady’s house and we called out for her. We explained to her that Jesus is the light and that we are here to give this solar light  – but this light means nothing without Jesus.

The lady said -I am not a Christian but I know it is God who sends you. Last night my baby was crying. I tried to light my lantern but I had no oil. But today you show up and you give me a light. Now I know it is God. I am not ready to accept Christ but you can pray for my family and for my heart.

2) Pastor’s Group – Many people said they were Christians. But there were several who were not. They were afraid for us to go into their house. They wanted the solar light but they didn’t want Jesus. But we told them if you want the light  – we must tell you what the light means. So they listened. These same people who didn’t want to hear about Jesus – asked us to pray for them before we left. They aren’t ready to accept Christ but we believe God is working on them even now.

3) Tizzie’s Group – There were two ladies living in a house together. One of the ladies was home but the other one wasn’t. The one lady accepted the light and the message we had. A few minutes later the other lady came home. She was upset. She didn’t want Christians in her home. She thought that our presence was upsetting the spirits.

4) Momma Gigi’s Group – EVERYONE was so happy to get the lights! They all thanked us and thanked God. There were a few people who didn’t know Jesus. They wouldn’t let us pray with them. They listened to what we said but even when we finished they wouldn’t let us pray in their home. They said we could pray for them after we left.


After much discussion today we realized something – we’re not done yet! This week we plan to revisit every single home. There were many people who were elated about the lights! There were several others who were afraid of the lights and what they represented. It was one thing if you were just giving them a light. But when you tell them that light represents Jesus – they were afraid it would upset satan.

You could tell that many were thinking as we shared the Word with them. There were many who felt like we had answered their prayers. They were honored we chose to stop at their house. We know at the very least we planted seeds throughout the mountains. This week we want to return and ask them if they felt His Presence! Please pray that their hearts will soften and they’ll be open to receiving the Word!

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