Back in November we gave away nearly 70 prom-looking dresses to the women in our church! I WISH you could have seen how excited they were “shopping” for the perfect dress!!  They tried on one after another – twirling around and showing us their favorite pick!

SO many told us they’ve never had a “new” dress before – let alone something so fancy! Over and over again you heard the word – Beautiful! Beautiful! They were telling each other how Beautiful they were!! Seeing them smile at each other – compliment each other – help each other choose a dress without fighting – seeing them with heads held high – that was BEAUTIFUL!! 

Many told me they don’t like to attend our special New Years Party because they don’t have anything nice to wear. They feel ashamed! Now they can’t wait!! WOOT! WOOT!

Thanks Diane Cornelius for giving these ladies such a special treat!  It was definitely a day they won’t forget – neither will I!!

Here are a few pictures…

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