January 2012…

Hello Everybody!!

Sorry we’ve been a little quiet here lately! We’ve been so busy there just hasn’t been time to blog!

We are working tirelessly on preparing our orphanage so it can open its doors the first week of February! We have invested a lot of time in finding, hiring, and training orphanage staff  so they will be ready to go once the buildings are!

Elijah has been working non-stop since he got here on the cafeteria! It’s our hope that it will be completed in just a few weeks. Once it’s done we will move forward with the school.

Nene finished the cistern in Preskul and is finishing the children’s church pavilion this week! Pictures to come soon!

We have also been visiting surrounding villages gathering the information we need so we can begin Neighbor Projects. Neighbor Projects involve having communities/churches stateside partner with communities here! It’s a really exciting thing that is unique to NWHCM.

Tomorrow we will have our first group of the year! They’ve got so much planned!


One team will be outfitting our orphan homes and teaching classes in the process.

  • We have a carpentry class where they will be building –  shelves, little cubbies, and drawers!
  • We have a welding class where they will be building 8 triple bunk beds!
  • We have an electrical class where they will be wiring all the rooms!

While they are outfitting the homes we have other team members that will be holding VBS and sports camps!


This team will spend their mornings gardening! I can’t wait to see all they plant! In the afternoon they will be building chicken coops! They are starting a micro-financing venture with local townspeople! They will give away chickens and goats to families who must in turn give back to the church.


I have posted pictures before of the Black Mountain Boat Builders. They were the ones who built a boat stateside for practice so that they could come here and build one for the town!

They will have boat builders, a medical clinic, and hut to hut evangelism going on each day!


So as you can see – our campus is all abuzz! We will have the teams blogging each night so be on the look-out for their stories and pictures!

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  1. I want to be there with Pleasant Valley team, but I cannot. Praying for you and all that the campus has going on. So excited about orphange being done almost. Bondye beni ou anpil!

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