2012 Rockstars – Day 2…

(Our internet is very slow right now. This was written last night).

God is good. There must be amazing things to be done here in our lives and lives of the people around us b/c out of the starting gate our flight was delayed and we were told we’d miss our connecting flight. A long story short, we got rerouted and were transported by vans 4 hours to from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale.

The adventure continued from Port-au-Prince. What one member calls “a 10 hour ride in a paint shaker,” our very skilled Haiti Rally Car Team drove us, in what we know as big yellow, through towns and crossed rivers (9+), up and down ravines scattered with boulders (seriously boulders). There’s plenty more bus stories to share we when get home but the bus itself and drivers were amazing. Some of us took a small plane (which the rest of us will probably do next time) but we’re glad (not our spleens and kidneys) we had the experience.  Oh by the way, there was one of the transporters and 60+ chickens that rode on top the whole time. Crazy. We all arrived safe, pitched our tents and we’re out for the night.

The morning started off with a trip through town, an orientation and an opportunity to understand the true meaning of why we are here. The stories Jody shared of her growing up and the amazing ways God has moved in the country brought tears to our eyes. There is a lot of bondage, a lot of fear by the people but oh how God is moving in the lives of all those involved and being served by this ministry.

One of the groups began welding bunk beds, some began painting, furniture and sewing machines were moved, others played games and invited children to the movies and began building relationships in the community. The Boat builders were a little surprised by the lumber. We actually hauled logs out of a field and loaded them on the truck. Logs! It wasn’t what we expected but it provided us the opportunity to witness a true Haitian boat builder use his skills with an axe to make straighter, smoother cuts than we could with most electric tools.

God has plans we can’t even imagine. We pray that he opens our hearts and minds to what he has in store for us and the people we come in contact with this week.  Ik how van jow. Everyone one else says hi to their wives, kids, family and friends. We love you.

From the Black Mountain Group


Another amazing day in Haiti with the people who never cease to keep us going with their persistence to complete a job and almost always with a smile.  The chickens made it over the 9 hour ride from PAP to the Mole.  They are beautiful.

We are in the process of building chicken coups thanks to Momma GiGi and Marvin and Barbara.  The braces for the sides are cut and the wire will be here tomorrow.  Marvin spent considerable time preparing the garden for beans, corn and okra.  It will take a few days to complete the weeding and preparation of the soil.  At the end of the day we went swimming in the Caribbean with our clothes on!  It is so turquoise and marine blue and the sand is white and smooth.  The children need love.  Pray for them and don’t worry about us!

From the Cincinnati Group


This is Mendy typing…..so this is my perspective…..I am wording, grace please!

Men got right to it showing the Haitians how to work much of the equipment they have. I got some great pictures of Kevin and the saw. Cliff was showing them how to re wire something. Allen was showing some details about the welding. All in all this is what the men did today:

Built some lasting relationships with other Haitian men

Started on the bunk beds…..which we will finish 3 beds all 3 tier high (24 total)

Showed Henry how to cut, measure, and lay out the steel with welding materials…

After getting an I.V. for Kim and letting her rest for the day (more on that later), Gayla, Sarah, Mendy, and McKyla organized all the supplies and blew up volleyballs after breakfast. Then in the afternoon McKayla stayed back and played with the local kids….she used the ipod to dance to Bieber’s “baby baby baby” song. These Haitain kids really know how to shake it and they actually knew that Bieber song.

Mendy, Gayla, and Sarah swepted and cleaned trash out of one of the future orphan houses then put one coat of paint on the interior.

The highlight of Cliff’s day was seeing the Haitian men jump in and express and eagerness to help and learn.

The highlight of Allen’s day was making friends with the men that are helping to assemble the beds. Allen was making jokes with them as he shaved their machete.

The highlight of Kevin’s day is getting the table saw fixed that fell of the truck (that took 10 hours to get here). It was slightly dented. He also enjoyed spending time with the local men

The highlight of Mendy’s day was walking home with the missions interpreters, Darlin and Christana and learning about their children and schooling.

The highlight of Gayla’s day was completing the first coat of paint….she is a slave driver.

The highlight of Sarah’s day was finishing the top of the room that she painted….she literally painted the full room from top of the windows to the ceiling. Pretty sure her arms are gonna hurt tomorrow.

Kim and Mckayla absolutely loved spending time with the children at the mission house. Kim is on the mend….she was vomiting yesterday, but I think she will be back on her feet tomorrow.

Love to my family: Dennis, Jacob, Garrett, and Treyton….and cookie our dog! Mendy


We just finished showing a movie downtown at the time square! We had popcorn and twizzlers to pass out! The kids were SO EXCITED!!

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  1. We are so glad that you mad it safely to Haiti. We will be praying that you all are able to do more there than you ever hoped. Also, I love the pictures you have put up, especially the one of Willa holding that sweet baby. I hope that my daughter’s life will also be filled with opportunities like that. We love you guys and wish you well.

  2. I just wanted to let you guys know that Isight is completely behind you and actively praying for you. I think God is using this trip to grow those of us back home just as much as He is using it in Haiti! Church was absolutely amazing this morning. I have never felt the Holy Spirit’s presence in our church as strong as I felt it this morning. God is on the move. Praying unceasingly for you all!


    P.S. The kids loved seeing the pictures. Especially the one of Daddy. And, Wes… take your doxy.

  3. Lila wants to say: “You are doing a good job, we hope you are having a good trip and we miss you, what do the people need help with?”
    We like looking at the pictures. Wes, I had the boys in sunday school this morning, Joel told me on two ocasions “my mosquito bites are getting re-activated and I am itchy.” Hope this is not happening to you and the team. — David.
    Eleanor likes the picture of the girl with the “I believe in fairies” shirt.
    I can see from the pictures that Aaron is not taking a break from climbing trees. We will continue to pray you all have a blessed trip.

  4. Oh… Both Lila and Eleanor say hi to Willa, they thought it was so cool that they could see a picture of you on computer, they also thought the picture of the beach was beatiful and the Dr. Wes looked “happy”.

  5. Another great update! I want to ditto what Jenny said about Isight – lots of people approached me telling me that they are praying for all of you and for what the work God is doing in Haiti! We are all feeling significantly better over here and although dealing with a toddler sickness “hangover” isn’t all that fun. Praying for each of you daily and then some! I can’t wait to see pictures of the boat as it’s in progress!


    PS. “I want to tell my daddy I love you.” from Abigail.

  6. Kelly, Ryan, Gray, and Willa–So glad to know that you all made it safe and sound to Haiti! We loved seeing the pics and hearing what your team is up to. We love you and are praying for you all. Kari and family

  7. Looks like you are having fun and working hard. Wonder where the twizzlers came from???
    great pics of the kids and you two- love you and following your blog.Will pray daily for your results. Nanee and PaPa

  8. Love reading about all you are doing. YOu all are in our prayers…loved seeing a picture of willa with the native children…my heart is there with you. Stay safe and know that you are doing an amazing job of spreading the WORD…we love you and miss you. shawn

  9. Hey guys! Totally stoked that you’re all there and safe. It sounds like that the bus ride shook loose any weak teeth you may have been carrying around, so I know you’re really grateful for that. Enjoy every minute down there, take loads of pictures, and know we’re praying for you. Thanks so much for being there. The rest of us up in Black Mountain are excited that you’re there… and probably a lot jealous that we can’t be there, too.

  10. I’ve been praying since the day before you left, and haven’t stopped since.

    Wes: I had the toddlers in Sunday School this morning, and when I asked for prayer requests, Hannah said, “Pray for daddy.” So we prayed for you and the whole team in Haiti. These 3-4 year olds know how important it is to tell people about Jesus.

    Kelly, I’m praying especially for peace for you and the kids when you do the village outreach. I know that God’s got special things in store for the people you connect with.

    Can’t wait to hear about all that God does IN and THROUGH you guys. Each one of you has a purpose for being there.

  11. Hi everyone! Sounds like a blessed and amazing trip so far! Love reading about all that has been happening. Many prayers are with you all and know that God is using you all to bless so many people and that you will receive many blessing as well! Go Austin, David and Jason BMH!!
    In prayer for you all~
    Monette BMH

  12. It is so good to see that even though my husband, Kevin is so far away from home he is still Mr. Fix It! You all look like you are having a wonderful time and working hard. We are praying for all of you! Kevin, the girls and I miss you and love you very much!


  13. Allen Jones
    Dear Grandpa, I love seeing all that you are doing for the people in Haiti. I’m praying for you!
    Love, Nathan

  14. Hey BMH youth and staff- Hope you guys are having a great trip! I am sure you are touching many lives and creating lasting memories for yourselves and others.Have a safe trip back. Jason- I’m not going to be here when you get back- decided to go to Indianapolis. Be back Tuesday- Go Giants!

    You are in our thoughts and prayers,


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