Ministry Update…

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve blogged! Unfortunately I (Jody) have been really sick. I wanted to go ahead and give a small update today! I’ll try to post a lot more this week.


It was our goal to open the orphanage the first week of February! We were SO CLOSE!!!

Unfortunately we needed just a few more weeks to get everything in place! We are graveling the courtyard in front of the homes, welding metal beds, constructing dressers,  creating a large sand box, building shutters for the windows that face the street, building shelves for the kitchen area, preparing a small clinic area for sick orphans, shopping for needed kitchen supplies, etc.

I’ll post pictures of the progress soon.

We are fairly certain we can get all of this done in the next ten days! So we have changed our opening date to March 1st! We will begin this new venture with 11 littles ones aged 2 -5. I will be sharing their stories throughout the next two weeks.

I am currently working on an orphanage needs list! I hope to post that later this week.


Our cafeteria should be nearly completed by this Saturday!  They began laying the tin roof yesterday. We will pour the floor on Tuesday. The cafeteria will hold 200-300 people at one time! As our feeding programs begin – this place will not only physically meet needs – but we will share the Gospel before each meal is served!



I meant to post pictures of this earlier but the cistern in Preskul was completed this past January!



Water Cones – We are STILL working with the people who manufacture the water cones. They apparently have changed the design some. These cones are made in Germany. I have enough funds to purchase 22 but am still waiting for them to be in stock so they can process our order.

Bibles/Songbooks – Last week we secured 50 Bibles and songbooks! We will be distributing them this week! What a blessing for the people here – to have their own Bible to read each night! In Haiti people don’t just carry their Bible everywhere they go – they also carry their songbook! Knowing we can provide those to people who long to worship Jesus everywhere they go – is just amazing!! 🙂

Feeding – We are still feeding people thanks to monthly donations! We are so grateful to those of you who sacrifice each month so that others here may experience the very thing we take for granted – a full belly. For every $10.00 food donation we receive – we are able to provide 40 meals!

March Ministry Plans  – We will be hosting our annual Teen Conference March 12th-16th! We will build a cistern for KaPaFu. We will begin full-time construction on the school. We also have several teams scheduled! God is GREAT!

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