Last Day for PVBC…


Today Aaron was a “g”. I doubt that surprises you folks at home. That’s all I have to say for now but I’ll continue later.

Our last day in the Mole today. We spent the day painting houses and playing at the orphanage. This morning we broke into two groups and went to paint! It was perfect weather and the group I was in was so fun. The translators are awesome and the houses look pretty good. The family was very appreciative. Afterward we came back, ate lunch, and packed up our stuff for tomorrow. Then we went to the orphanage to play with the kids one last time. There are so great and it’s so exciting to know that these kids are the future leaders of Haiti. It was hard to leave though. They always cry when we leave but this time was hard because we knew we weren’t coming back. After we came back we had our last devotion. Jody led it and it made us all feel better about leaving. Love everyone and cant wait to see you.



today in the afternoon we went and played with the orphans. one destroyed my sand castle, one slept on me, and one braided my hair faster than a bolt of lightning sparking a great fire across the entire nation. But these orphans here are so adorable, and just being with them and seeing their smile is enough to melt the innards of a ferocious volcano. but thanks to Lindsey taking up all of the time to write her book, I don’t have time to go into deep detail about what I have to say about today. so stay classy, America. this is Aaron Cole Alvarez…signing off.

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