Mole Boat Update…

Just finished looking at some amazing photos on Facebook from Mission Navigation! It’s SO exciting to see OUR boat coming together! I’ve listed a few of their posts below and attached some of their pictures!

May 26th –
The curved cutout shape shows the shape of the raised portion of the cargo holds which also double as seats. The side deck shape is designed to leave a consistent deck space when the seats and gunwale planking are built.

We begin fitting the deck planking on the starboard side.

June 6th –
The foredeck glued in and the side deck sort of flopped down for illustrative purposes.

June 16th –
Building the port side deck pieces today, I discovered that our boat is remarkably symmetrical. In fact it is better than most professionally built boats I have worked on. By my reckoning, there have been 3 professional boat builders (4 counting Josiah who is not a pro, but has worked with me LOTS on these boats). All the other builders have been “civilians” from some other field. That shows what a labor of love can do. Thank you to all the helpers we have had so far! – RV

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