A Celebration Indeed…

On Monday we were blessed to host the Wedding Team –  Joe & Diane Cornelius & her sister Kathy! The town always lights up when they arrive – they know we’re about to have a huge celebration! Joe & Diane are family to us and I think we were just as excited to see them as the Haitians were!

The thing that I love about the Wedding Ministry is the Hope & Liberation it provides to so many. We tease in the states that marriage is like a prison! But in Haiti it often sets the women free!

One of the couples that got married yesterday morning had been together for 25 years. They had 7 kids. They were life-long soul mates. But they had no means to pay for a marriage certificate, to buy wedding apparel, to buy rings, to pay for a minister, to provide a reception – – to simply live right before the God they love and serve. So for 25 years they lived in shame.

This beautiful bride told us after 25 years –

That she can hold her head up high for the first time!
That she will now be able to sing in the choir!
That everyone will address her as a dignified Madame!
That she can have peace with God every morning she wakes up beside her husband.

She has been set free…. and it was the most incredible thing to watch and participate in.

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