The Blessings of Donkeys…

Today I had the pleasure of giving away 3 donkeys to 3 very special men!

(I would like to thank Northside Christian Church from VA and Pleasant Valley Baptist Church from MO for their donations!)


The first man to receive a donkey was Ercius Tizeau. Ercius lives in Savane Mole. He has 7 children! He has to walk 2 hours (one way) EVERY day to get water. That water is for bathing AND drinking! He can only carry 2 five-gallon buckets and he told me that every part of his body hurts getting the water. Since there are so many in his family – there is only enough water for a few glasses each per day! He thanked God with tears in his eyes for answering a prayer that he didn’t even think God could hear!

He goes to church in Savane Mole but he’s not married. He told me he cannot take communion and his wife cannot even sing in front of the church because they are not married! I told him that he was an old man and God could take him any day! 🙂 So we are going to talk to the Wedding Lady and see if we can’t get this man on the right track!!


Then 2nd man to receive a donkey was Ilemon Lorveus. This man also lives in Savane Mole and has 7 children!!! We teased that the two older men were having a competition!! He is ALSO not married! He explained the exact same thing – that they lived in shame but he had no funds to get married.

He said that he works in a garden. This is how he provides for his family. He said with this donkey he can now bring his vegetables to sale in the Mole AND come back with water! He was SO excited and SO appreciative! (He’s another one we need to get married!)

Story 3

Then the last guy is Castor Germinal. He also lives in Savane Mole. He is married and has 2 children. He said that they walk 2 hours (one-way) every other day to get water. He has no way to care for his family. He has a garden that they eat from. But neither him or his wife have a job. He said thanks to the donkey – when he’s not using it to get water himself – he can rent it out and help provide the needs for his family!

Sometimes when we give things out here – we hope it makes a difference – we think it makes a difference – but sometimes we’re just not sure.

Today – watching those three men walk away with their donkeys – lifting their heads high – there is no doubt. We just drastically changed the lives of 3 families!

Seeing their smiles and hearing their stories – I think I got just as much JOY out of it as they did!!



    1. looks like God was with you when you placed the donkeys!
      from Renee’s mother and dad – Ron and Diane from Mo. P.V.B.C.

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