Ladies Bible Study…

Ladies Bible Study…the book of James

Posted on November 20, 2012 by coachin4christ

For the past month the ladies have journeyed with Jody and myself in the book of James. When asked what they wanted this group to be about there first response was Evanglism and prayer. What a blessing!!! It was also such a privilege to hear them say they wanted to go deeper with God after this. Wow!! This excited us we had begun the study of James a few weeks before so this seemed like a great way to begin. It also touched on the difficulties and drama we had faced and continue to do so. This book has been timely for sure. Gods timing is perfect.

The themes that we have discussed so far….again, WOW!! Trials…considering them joy. Temptations…God isn’t our tempter. Listening and doing…our faith in Christ alone causes us to do things for God, not the opposite!! Showing favoritism and what Haitian cultural believes…can it change? And can it begin with us. Faith and Deeds…without faith our deeds are useless. Taming the Tongue…are we setting Forrest fires?

The book of James is straight up and He certainly speaks directly to us…no filter and no hand holding. You could say He learned from his big brother!! The ladies have been listening intently and we have had are moments of shouting AMEN in agreement and laughter when we bring real stories and life into the message…object lessons for them to connect to. It has been fun to see some light bulbs go on.

Our prayer for them is that they don’t just listen to these words and the message, but that they will apply what they have heard…just as this book tells us. For many of these themes they will have to be very intentional in what they are doing. The culture has so many things that are part of their everyday life that applying Gods Word to them will truly be transforming. Oh to see this change and to see it sweep through this community and beyond.

The ladies have also gone out to encourage those that we have not seen or who are sick. We have prayed with them in their struggles and sickness and reminded them that Jesus loves them. A few weeks ago there was a women who saw us coming and asked if we could come to her home to pray for her. She said she was struggling with her health and her walk. She told us that we were of great encouragement and was grateful that Jesus sent us this day. I told the ladies the following week that it wasn’t by accident that we came by this woman’s home. God desires to use us when we place our lives into his hands and follow.

The same time we went by a home of one of the ladies in the church. Her mother is elderly and is in much pain. She lays almost in a fetal position on a mattress on the floor. I put my hands on her to pray for her and just a simple touch I saw pain and tears….which of course made me want to do the same. This precious woman after we all prayed gave me a smile as if saying thank you. The light in her eyes told me she eqwwas grateful. Sunday we stopped by this same home and I sat down on the floor with her holding her hand and placing my other hand on her head. I bent over her and whispered into her ear…”Jesus loves you, rest in His peace.” We sang and prayed over her. Her precious smile was no longer there and the pain you can see in her body, but her eyes when the were opened…there seemed to be a peace. It was a peace that I know only Jesus could bring to her. “Lord ease her pain and show her the way home.”

Pray for the ladies that Gods Word will be engraved upon their hearts and that they will not only hear His Word, but that they will apply it. Pray that they would be transformed by the renewing of their minds and walk by the power of His Spirit that lives within them. Pray that they will mature in their faith.

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