Our First Team of 2013 – Pleasant Valley!

(This was from last night. We had trouble uploading pictures).

Hello Friends and Family!

This is Gayla from PVBC.  We made it safely to the Mole this afternoon. Our travels went great – thanks for your prayers!  (Our big bags were loaded on a truck in Port-au-Prince so we are praying they will arrive sometime tonight so we can have all of our supplies tomorrow!)

After lunch we headed to the mission property and got to see how much it has changed since last year!  It’s amazing how much construction has been completed! The school and cafeteria look great.  After checking that out we went to the orphanage to hang with the kids. They were pretty happy to see us! They ran up to us and wanted to be held or sit on our laps.  It was pretty neat!

We then took a walk to the beach and spent some time wading around.  The water was pretty cold but felt refreshing.  The Castillo girls were our tour guides so it was fun to reconnect with them. Tonight Jody will be doing some orientation for us and then I’m sure we will be heading to bed early since we’ve been up since 4am!

Thanks again for all your prayers and support!  Everybody is looking happy and healthy!



Hello Friends and family from Sandra Bath. I have had a great day working with the kids at the orphanage, watching Kenson teach the kids, playing with the Castillo children, and meeting a group from Kansas.

Scott Jackson flew back to Port au Prince this morning after spending two days touring the town and the mission property, a small village, and talking with Jody about plans for building on the mission propety. Thank you for all your prayers. Love you. Will see you next Friday.


Feel free to leave a comment for the team. Comments will be read every night at dinner!


  1. Yea, team!!! So grateful for your safe & uneventful travel…answered prayer! Looking forward to hearing what God does in and through each of you this week. I know he will equip you to do everything he asks of you…praying for you to be strong & courageous as you trust in his mighty power. Praying that the power of the gospel of Christ is evident to all who encounter you this week!
    Loving you and believing in you from home!

  2. Will continue to pray for you and for the Haitian people that you meet that The Lord will open their hearts to His love!
    Chuck & Sue Tonks

  3. Hello PV Warriors! We have a little dusting of snow on the way tonight, so enjoy the warm, beautiful views from the beach. Our Powerful and Mighty God has gone before you to prepare the way for you and He goes behind you to protect and guard you! Love and Hugs from the GO GIrl (Debbie)

  4. The pictures are amazing. Blake, Jennifer, Allen and the whole team — we are praying like crazy for you guys. The Lord is working in incredible ways through you guys. You are his hands. We love you and miss you!!! Mike and Janie Wilson

  5. Hello PV Team! We are in for a dusting of snow tonight, so enjoy the beautiful, warm views from the beach. Our Mighty and Power God has gone before you to prepare the way and He goes behind you to guard and protect you. Hugs and Love from the GO Office!

  6. Hello to the PV Team & to all the Castillos, Beth and the rest of the Mission Staff! Love the updates and the pics. Have been and will continue to pray for you. Can’t wait to hear about your trip and about all the progress on the mission property. Is the school done yet? : ))) Have fun. Go God! Best, Renee’ Holmes

  7. So glad you made it!! Did Tim survive the last leg of the trip?!?! Praying that God does great things through each and every one of you. Grace says to give Roslandi a hug for her. Give Fedna a hug from Aunty Candy!!

  8. I am so glad you all made it safe and sound. I pray that God will bless this trip in ways that were not even imagined before you left. Praying for continued health and safety. I will enjoy seeing your posts and hearing your stories when you get back.

  9. Hello Jim. Thankful that you and the team made it safely to the Mole. I hope you are feeling better. We (prayer partners) are praying without ceasing for all of you. Take care! May the Lord continue to bless you in all that you say and do. I love you, Jim P.S. I have the puppies!

  10. Hi Gayla and Sarah!
    Feeling relieved knowing that you have reached your destiny safely :)I admire you and your team’ s courage and strength.You guys are doing a tremendous job in sharing the love the Lord has for us all. Very proud of you..Be safe,keeping you in my prayers.

  11. Hi Blake! Hope you are taking good care of Mom and Grandpa. Of course, take good care of yourself, too. We love and already miss all of you. Keep well. May God work through your minds and hands to help those less fortunate. Love ya a bunch! MaMa

  12. Hello to MY PV People… Gayla, Sara, Allen… Where is Cliff? I need a picture of Cliff! I am “Haiti Hatin'” right now. Really… We want to be there with our people. Our whole family will be praying for you guys. Love you guys! May God continue to do His work in Haiti and in your hearts! Love, The O’Hara’s (Dan, Kim, McKayla, Emma, Bre, and Parker)

  13. Fred we are so glad you made it safely. Camryn said last night that she wished she could call Grandpa…. Corben said I don’t think his phone works there. So…. hello from the kids (big ones too!) We miss you and can’t wait to see you, but we are so proud of your willingness to serve! Love you!

  14. Hi Haiti team! It is so nice to be able to follow your travels and service through the blog and e-mails. A special shout-out to Gayla, Sarah & Cliff – my fellow operations team members back home at PV. – Thinking of you and praying for you – Stephanie Myers

  15. Hi Candace and team, We hope you are have alot of success serving and we miss you tons. Devyn and Garrett say to tell you not to worry about them but the do miss you. We are praying for you and the team. Have a great week.


    The Switzers

  16. Hi, Dad (Fred)!
    We miss you at home, but are praying for you and the team on this trip. We all love you and can’t wait to hear all of your adventures when you get back. Love, Dale, Debbie and Collin (PS…Collin found your candy stash! =0)

  17. hello P.V. team blessing’s to all of you I know you will accomplish your mission God is with you to protect you all keep up the good work love to all Diane Holderman

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