It is Betty and Vern…
Picnic tables are built, gates are up at the orphanage, desks are being built and swing set is up. Wonderful relationships with Haitian workers have been started…these people are eager to learn.  This trip has changed our lives for the better.

–Written by Candace Switzer
Praise God for another wonderful day in Haiti.  Praise God for our construction team who have accomplished so much.  Seeing the children play on the swing-set is truly priceless.  What simple things we take for granted.

Our guys have worked so hard and done a wonderful job.  Praise God for the Haitian men who have worked alongside our guys.  They are a great group of men and we hope they can remember all they have learned.

Praise God for our interpreters who have helped us create relationships with these incredible people!

Women’s Bible study was great again today.  Our lesson was on Esther and how she was not afraid to do what God asked of her even though it was difficult.  We talked about our fears and how God is with us no matter what.  The ladies seemed to really engage in the lesson.  Mama Djidji (pronounced Gigi) led us in singing and it was a great blessing to hear praises sung in both English and Creole.

Today at Preskul (the fishing village) Pastor Tim shared the gospel with the men and 4 accepted Christ.  Praise God!  The women taught a lesson about being a godly wife and decorated tote bags.  Crafts seem to bring people together!

Tomorrow is another full day of ministry with finalizing construction, another women’s Bible study and a trip to Preskul for a celebration with the entire village.

Pray for safe travels and a great time of fellowship and ministry. Keep praying for opportunities for us to share and invest in the people of this wonderful town.  Pray for the Castillo family as they minister here.

We can feel your love and prayers!  They are powerful.

P.S.  Janie – Blake says to tell you that the Fibber game belongs to the Castillo kids.  He didn’t steal yours!  🙂


  1. To all team members: The information shared during your stay has been eye opening! We should all be so very grateful for what we do have. The written information, along with pictures you’ve sent on the blog tells so much. We’re anxious to hear much more when you return. God is good! We wish each of you a safe trip home. Our prayers will be with you. Blake and Jennifer, when you’re rested from the trip let us hear from you. Again, the cinnamon rolls will be there ahead of your return. Enjoy! MaMa (Jane).

  2. Praise God for the 4 that accepted the Lord in Prescal. Praying the floodgates fly open (one life at a time). You guys are making a kingdom difference! Exciting stuff…

  3. I’m sure you’re all tired and ready to come home, but wow!! What a blessing you’ve been!! Finish strong!! Lean on Him!! He is sufficient!!

    I’m praying for all of you as you process through all that God is doing in and through you. Praying that you’ve watered seeds that have been planted, and that you’re planting new ones. This is the time in the trip where you just lean into Him!! He has equipped each of you for His service. Can’t wait to see all those Haitians standing by me in Heaven because of the work you’re doing!! Love you all!! Praying you home safely!!

    P.S. When did Fedna start playing basketball?!?!?!

  4. Great work PV Team. It is amazing to see what our Lord has accomplished through you. We are praying for you as you complete your work and prepare for your travels. You have done a great work for the Kingdom. Jennifer, Blake, and Allen, we love you and we can’t wait to see you and hear all about the relationships you have made. We are so proud of you. Love, Mike and Janie Wilson

  5. Hi, Papa – I wanted to leave you a message, so Mom is typing this for me. I miss you. Hope you have another good day today. I prayed for you and everyone in Haiti last night and all week. I got to see your pictures and I got to see you build. It was pretty funny when you were on that motorcyle! LOL! Can’t wait to see you! I want to say “Hi” to Mr. Jim too!

    Love You!


  6. hi mom. hi blake. hi grandpa. travel safe. hope you had a great day. can’t wait to see you. love janie

  7. Great job PV team. So happy to hear you are finishing your trip strong. Enjoy an evening of well deserved rest tonight. Praying for you travel mercies, good health, no delays and smooth flights tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear more of your stories once you get home. Blessings!

  8. PV Team – you rock! Praising God for the lives changed and those who have come into His eternal kingdom. Enjoy your last full day there – praying for sweet memories and joy that overflows. We are cheering you on from home!

  9. Hi Jim, Looking forward to seeing you Friday night. Diane and I will be coming together to pick you, Fred and the Flowers up from the airport. Praising the Lord for all you and the team have accomplished. Sleep well everyone. See you all tomorow night. I love you Jim Power.

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