New Year Team – PVBC – LAST DAY!

As we get ready to fly out tomorrow, my heart is torn. The women’s Bible studies I have taught this week, here and at the fishing village have been so wonderful…only because the Haitian women are so hungry for God’s word and they have been so welcoming to us. We have a special bond with these sisters in Christ.  We need to be praying that they grow in their faith daily and share their love of Jesus with their neighbors. I will miss their hospitality, their beautiful smiles and their embraces.  We cannot forget these precious people…we have been blessed beyond words.


A week in the Mole, and so many wonderful changes have taken place; changes both visible and invisible. Five sturdy and heavy picnic tables, desks for two classrooms, one classroom fully stocked with books and teaching materials, a playground, seven classrooms and the cafeteria wired for electricity, eight Haitian workers who have new carpentry, electrical, and teamwork skills. Awesome! Hearts challenged, faith tested, prayers answered, a unified church: the presence of God was seen and felt this week. Thank you Castillo family and Pleasant Valley Baptist Church for welcoming me into this wonderful week of ministry.  (Sandra Bath)


Today we went to Preskul to celebrate God’s love with our Christian brothers and sisters. We had a meal of rice, beans and meat prepared by the cooks here at NWHCM. There was music playing and fellowship. Bags of rice were handed out to each hut and the children and adults enjoyed popcorn and candy. Thank God for the new pastor who is ministering to those in Preskul as well.

My time in the Mole has been exceptionally moving. To see the difference in the women of the church is amazing. In the last 18 months, (when I was here last) God has softened their hearts and spirits. To hear them sing gives me goose bumps. I can actually see the light in their eyes when we talk about Jesus and as we share in Bible study and during the embroidery class. Some of the ladies stitched all night on their bookmarks to sell at market. They are hard-working, loving, caring, talented women that I will miss a great deal, until I return.

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