Updated Sewing & Instrument Needs…

On February 16th, Erica Shaw will be heading back to the Mole for another 6 month internship. Her focus is going to be on teaching the sewing class & also teaching a teen music class.

Unfortunately we have not received many instruments and we are short quite a bit on sewing materials.

This teen ministry is going to be vital when it comes to giving these young adults value & helping them stay out of trouble. They need the encouragement and they need to know that God has a plan for their lives. I know that God will use this to bring unity & allow these children to see how worthy they are to Jesus.

I have been talking to an organization in the states that would be very interested in buying things from our sewing class & selling them on our behalf. This could be a HUGE way that these ladies could provide for their families. There is so much potential & they desire so much to learn this skill & provide stability for their little ones.

SO we REALLY need your help!

Here is a list of supplies we still need:

-Jersey fabric (can be solid or printed)
-thread (it would be best if each spool has at least 500 yards)
-tracing paper
-marking pencils
-safety pins
-straight pins
-needle threaders
-universal machine needles (size 14/90)
-tracing wheel (preferably smooth)
-tomato pin cushions (regular size)
-leather machine belts

****We also still need instruments for the teen music class. Leave a comment or message us if you can help!

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