Tour D’ahyti…Global Orphan Project & NWHCM

What an incredible few days we’ve had here with this amazing team from Global Orphan Project!

Each morning we have folks biking several hours – visiting a different village each day. Once they arrive at the villages – they engage with the community & share the love of Jesus!

We have 2 Board of Directors here biking with this team – David Powers & Andy Moyes! My brother Janeil is here too…but he’s not really into the “biking thing”! HA! HA! Neither is Jose! 🙂

Dr Moyes is also an eye doctor. At each village he is screening patients in hopes that they will be able to have corrective eye surgery in February when the Eye Team comes. This is such a blessing. It’s our first time EVER having an eye doctor in our area!

So far they’ve visited Preskul & Bonbardopolis. Tomorrow after church they will head to Jean Rebel and on Monday they will hit Marouge!

So it’s biking each day & bonfires on the beach each night! Don’t be jealous! 🙂

It’s been such a pleasure serving alongside this group of athletes! God is doing amazing things through them this week! Here are some pictures from the last few days!


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  1. Jody – thanks so much for hosting us! It was a great time and a blessing to see the work you’re doing. ~Will

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