Unexpected Opportunities…

Unexpected Opportunities

by coachin4christ

This afternoon I headed to the church because I thought we were having baptism service today. Well my Creole is a work in progress…what I believed the Pastor said yesterday was only half right. I didn’t hear the part where he said that those that were baptized a couple of weeks ago have class today at 3pm. C’est la vie:>) I left a bit early because I always like to stop a talk with those in the community or love on the kids. God gave me several Unexpected Opportunities!

I ran into a young man that I made a really bad impression on a couple of weeks ago. Now it isn’t my mission to come here and expect to have everyone love me. I expect those that don’t like me at all because I serve the One that told us we would have trouble in this world. The problem was I made Jesus look bad on this particular day. We had a group ministering to our youth and we were only allowing the youth inside the courtyard of the church. I was to stand at one of the entry ways to keep the little ones from coming in. Lets just say I was a bit overwhelmed and I really dislike being a bouncer, so to speak. We have a system of doing things here and sometimes it just stinks, but if we don’t do it this way it will be more harmful than good. If you have ever read the book “When Helping Hurts” this is what I am speaking of. Anyway this young man came in and was trying to sell things to the Americans. I tried, in the best Creole I could, that he needed to speak with Pierre and that we didn’t sell things this way. (We have a market day for our groups where anyone from the community can come and sell their goods, but you have to speak to Pierre first.) Well I was a bit stressed and overwhelmed with the kids and I know the way I spoke to him was very short and with frustration. Not a good moment and not a good time. The next day I recieve a long written note from this young man. He wrote with great passion and well basically called me out and believed I was trying to keep him from selling his things. I was devastated by my actions and told Pierre I wanted to set a meeting with him to talk with him and ask him to forgive me. He did and we all sat down together and talked everything out. I was never so humbled and asked for his forgiveness. We explained the system we use and we invited him to our next market day. I wasn’t sure if he really forgave me until today….The unexpected opportunity… I saw him today and went over to him and called him by name (which surprised him) and asked how he was doing. He smiled and told me things were good and to have a good day. I am grateful for this young man and for his passion for his people. I do pray for he will come to know Jesus. I pray today that he saw more of Jesus than who he met a couple of weeks ago!!!

I continued my walk and ran into my sweet friend Santania. She was one of my English students and she has been helping translate the past couple of months. She was heading to the church too to work with the youth for service tomorrow. As usual nothing is ever on time so we had the opportunity to talk and to work on our language skills. I spoke in Creole and she spoke in English. I always like talking with her and getting to know her more.  Being able to encourage her in her walk and to laugh with her. I love the friendship that we have. This was a beautiful unexpected opportunity.

Since there was no baptism I walked the campus and prayed for yesterday, today and the future of those that will come here. I prayed for the foundation of this campus to stay strong and be built on the Word of God!!! I went and dropped in on the beautiful children. Tizzie was practicing the song the kids will sing in the morning. They were so precious and boy did they sing with heart. They melted my heart as I held back the tears. After Tizzie was finished I was surrounded….they circled me up and tried tickling me. Just picking them up and hugging them tightly brings joy to this old heart…o.k. maybe not that old, but my body sure feels it :>) Our littlest, Fabiola, was in her crib and I walked over and said her name sweetly…she stood up and gave me the biggest smile. Oh how I love her sweet smile. Tizzie picked her up and stood her up and she was walking almost with no help. She was so proud of herself. My unexpected opportunity to love on these children and to let them know how much Jesus loves them. Lord, can I love any deeper? These kids have my heart and truth be told our Momma’s too! Love these ladies and how their faith is growing.

My return home was met with heartbreak. I heard screaming in the distance as I came closer to home. As I grew closer the screams were louder and I heard a whip. Then I heard I young man say, “You need to listen to your master.” I watched a young girl, only 10 or 11 run out of a door with the man grabbing her and whipping her then shoving a broom into her hand and then more of the whip. He saw me and stopped. Everyone on the street watched me watch him. One young man tried telling him to stop.  I stood there not knowing what to do except to stare at him with the anger that was in my heart. He walked back into the house and I asked the little one if she was alright. With tears in her eyes she said yes, but I knew, by her face, if she said anything else she probably would have been beaten more. I stood there for what seemed hours just looking at the door…knowing he was right there looking at me. This my dear friends is what burdens our hearts. Slavery, physical and sexual abuse, prostitution…this is not right…in any country!!!! My unexpected opportunity here was to pinpoint where another offender is and to circle them up in prayer. To keep my eyes wide open and if need be stare him down again.

Your unexpected opportunity is to please pray for the children and young people of the Mole. They need to know they are loved and that someone cares.Pray for their protection.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as we come across more unexpected opportunities. Pray that they will see Jesus in us.


  1. Thank you for sharing with us these unexpected moments God provided for you to love His people. Thank you for expressing HIS love through your words and actions. I continue to pray for you daily.

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