Let The Summer Begin… Day 1

From the Harris Group:

Greetings from the Mole!

After 5 plane rides, an exciting bus ride and a lot of waiting, we arrived at the NWHCM Saturday evening just in time for dinner.  Our first bathing experience in Haiti involved a bucket and a cup, but we are happy to be writing to you now after finally getting clean in a shower with running water.

This morning at church, most of the team attended the adult service, but Kelsey and Us (Lindsey and Sarah) sat in on the children’s church.  The kiddos started with the creole versions of some Sunday School favorites like Jesus Loves The Little Children and Father Abraham.  They had a lesson on creation and colored pictures of some of the animals God put on the earth with us!

We excitedly greeted some familiar faces and played with the orphans until big church was done.  Afterward, we had lunch and a quick team meeting before heading to the beach to enjoy our free afternoon!

The ocean was beautiful and incredibly refreshing after a morning spent in the heat.  It was the perfect way to relax after a couple of days of travel and in preparation for a week of doing God’s work! It’s so good to be back with the staff here at NWHCM and the Haitian people are as loving and welcoming as we remember.

Tomorrow, Kelsey will lead the first bible study of the week for some of the women who already attend the church regularly.  In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to love on the orphans some more!!

We are so excited to see how God continues to use us as the week unfolds.  We would appreciate your prayers for continued heath, strength and flexibility.

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Love and Miss You Lots!!

Lindsey and Sarah


From the Wolfforth Team:

Bonswa, Teagen here
So far our trip has been full of new life experiences for all of us.

Yesterday we took a 14 seater plane which landed on gravel instead of a landing strip. After landing we spent a few hours in an outdoor airport. We then took a 3 hour shaky and very bumpy bus ride to get to the mission. When we arrived there was no running water at the mission so the girls got to experience our first bucket bath. Luckily the water was back on this morning just in for our luggage to arrve.

We attended church this morning(entirely in Creole by the way). Although we didn’t understand, the spirit was very much there. We were introduced to the congregation via translator and they were very welcoming.

After church we got to experience our very first real Haitian meal for most of us. Lets just say some of you mom’s better learn how to cook like Haitians. After lunch we got to relax and go to the beach. Within the first 2 minutes of being at the beach, Maddux had a sea urchin on his foot. Our interpreters spent about 45 minutes taking it out of his foot. The boys also learned a bunch of new tricks and flips from our interpreters and the Haitians at the beach.

After a long day at the beach we came back to the mission for a delicious meal outside on our patio and a great talk from Jody. Tomorrow we are doing soccer camp with the kids so stay tuned for news about that. We love and miss you.
Your wonderful children!

*Note for solly: hannah is alive and she loves ya


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  1. So excited to hear about what is happening at The Mole with The Harris Family. Praying for your work there–Love, The Lohnes’

  2. We are so happy you arrived safe. Please know that you are all on our thoughts and prayers each and every day. Let your lights shine and your love for God show throughout each journey. (Meme says to love the little one for her). Love you all…..Aunt Caryn & Meme

  3. So glad you have arrived safely. Sounds like quite the adventure already. Praying for you all and all those whose lives you will touch touch this week.

    P.S. Teagen since who have experienced a bucket bath, your Dad might be expecting you to take colder and shorter showers

    Love ya

  4. YEA! I have been waiting all day to hear about your adventures. It was good to see Uncle Dave’s face in a couple of the pictures and find that he does in fact exist! I am sure his two little ones will love to see daddy on their computer screen. We missed you all in Cross Street today….NO REALLY! We started the day with computer issues in the sound booth…and no Kelsey in sight to help…..and the sub for Mr. Dan when asked how it had gone said “I have never seen a group of boys talk SO MUCH!” Kevin and Judy were in charge of the computers….several asked where “the girls” were.

    I would love a video tape of Father Abraham sung in creole…it must be adorable.

    When I told Catie about you girls showering from a bucket last night the reply was “Just like on Little House on the Prairie!” Between that and the picture by the bus stuck in the creek bed she is not liking sissy’s adventure.

    Mama Lori…I know it was after the fact…..but when I saw that picture Dan sent me I prayed really hard for your nerves….was glad to see you smiling and headed to church this morning….you are my hero!

    Okay, I guess when you said to write comments, you probably were not expecting a novel……but with you all gone I have so very many words stored up that I usually share with you all in the course of a day…..how did I ever let all of you go at the same time!!!!

    Keep the pictures coming!!!! Love you all!

    A note from Catie: Goodluck. 😉

    Sarah, mama is hoping that your tummy is feeling better! I love you!

  5. Yay!!! So glad ur there safe! May u witness the full mighty power of God!
    Thank you so much for the SHOUT OUT!

  6. For Team Harris:
    Love seeing the pics! I am praying for everyone. You guys will do great! Tell Dave his babies say hi! Xue Xue asks about him only 1000 times a day and Kaori tells everyone that her Dad is in Haiti! Love to all!!!! Keep the posts coming!

  7. So glad to hear from y’all. Love seeing the pics! Keep posting them! Praying God uses each of you to glorify Him during this week. Love on those beautiful Hatians and spread the Good News! Prayers for safety (I hear I’m a but late for that, Maddux!). Take a pic of your urchin injury so I can either have peace or worry more. Also, please keep antibiotic cream on it!! Don’t let it get infected. (Sorry, just being a mom). Love you all. Jodie

  8. WEST! Disclaimer: I will most likely comment on the blog every day! I know how fun it is to get comments from people back home so here I am.

    These posts are going to make me so jealous that I’m not there with y’all! (Yes, Jody…I said Y’ALL 😉 ) I can’t wait to hear more about your time in the Mole! I’m not at all surprised that Maddux was the first one to cause a scene…typical. In all seriousness though, I know the Lord has incredible plans for this week. Learn as much as you can and soak it up because it will be over before you know it!

    To my sweet girls– Hannah, Teagan, Bailey and Madison… Love on those youth girls as much as you can! If you have the opportunity to spend time with them I know you’ll love it! They’re tough but if you give them a chance they’ll change your life! Love you girls so much.

    Please give hugs and kisses to the Castillo kids from me! Praying hard for y’all!


  9. To the entire Harris Clan. Wish the Caldwell’s could have joined you all this year as you do God’s work in a town we love – people we love -and missionaries we love and admire. Be safe – enjoy your time together as a family – I pray God will use you beyond your comprehension on this journey.

    Lori – you will have to provide a full recap to Kel someday to convince her that she can do just what you are doing!

    Dave and Family

  10. It is so good to see and hear from ya’ll. I love you, Eddie, Zachary, Kade, Madison and the rest of the team. Stay safe and spread God’s Love Mom

  11. I am going to try this again…..I thought I left a comment last night but now it says….No Comments Yet……so I will try again…

    YEA! I was so excited to see a post from my girls and hear of your adventures.

    I would have loved to see those precious children sing Father Abraham in Creole! I smile each time I think of all of you with these small ones curled up in your laps….or hanging from the boys necks….knowing that you all have such an abundance of love to share with them…and knowing that the joy you are giving them is coming back to you 10 fold from them.

    Catie has been following you all closely as she sits at my left elbow and asks a dozen questions everytime she sees a picture or I send out an update to your prayer team. When I told her about your showers Saturday night her response was “they had a Little House on the Praire bath!” She was not impressed with the picture of Sarah and Lindsey looking sad as the bus sat in the creek bed in fact she wanted to know which one of you was driving!?!?

    We missed you all in Cross Street today. As you would expect Kelsey…..problems in the computer booth….much chaos only to find out the volume was turned down. I asked the substitute teacher of Dan’s group how it all went at the end of the hour and she said “I never knew that little boys could talk SO MUCH!” Kevin and Judy ran the check-in counter and there were many inquiries as to where “the girls” were.

    Lori, I know it was after the fact that I saw the bus picture but some intense prayer went out for you when I saw it. Was glad to see the picture of you in your church clothes with that beautiful Lori smile. Girl you are my hero!

    Uncle Dave, I am glad to see that you do in fact exist and have joined in the pictures! I know your two precious ones will love see daddy and his coca-cola.

    Ryan and Isaiah….I expect to see some hoops and soccer pictures over the next few days!

    I should probably sign off and leave space for others.

    I love you all dearly and feel that large chunks of my heart have left home, but am so proud. I pray that this trip will not only bless the people of Haiti but this precious group as well. I know that God is at work both in you and through you.

    Melissa and Family

    p.s. Sarah mama loves you sooooo much and is proud of you! (p.s.s. hope your tummy is back on track!)

  12. Good Morning from KC Harris Family and Friends! We are so thankful you made it safe and sound despite your interesting travel challenges. Praying today that the Holy Spirit will speak in and through you. Praying for receptive hearts and unity among the church body! We are cheering you on!

  13. We are enjoying all of the photos….such a joyous group of dear family and friends. So much love to give to those you are sharing time and gifts with this week. I know that the blessings will flow from each of you and fill the hearts of those whose lives you touch each day. God watch over and bless each and every one. Loving prayers from Grandma/Grandpa

  14. Glad to see all of you arrived safely and are beginning your adventure! Steven, I hope you have a great time. We love you!!!
    Mom, Dad and Jonathan

  15. To the Harris Team from Melody and Doug!!!!! We love you all…even though we are kinda partial to Dave…:) God bless and keep you all safe and sound…..

  16. Lindsay and Sarah…Praying for you every moment God brings you to mind (which is often) and trusting He will give you the courage, strength and wisdom to do all He has called you back to Mole to do…be obedient, finish empty, risk having your heart broken at the chance it might be filled to overflowing…love you both (and the rest of the harris clan) so much and privileged to partner with you in prayer as you walk in faith! Philippians 4:8 Marla

  17. Well, I am eager for the next blog post! I keep checking to see if it is up, but I have to go to bed now. So, in an effort to keep my promise to Kaori who desperately wanted to call her Daddy tonight to tell him good night, I am posting this message to Dave. Kaori says night night and she misses you. I love reading the posts and showed the pics to the kids today. They loved seeing their Dad and big cousins and family. I am praying for each of you everyday. Love to all! ~Samantha

  18. Praying for you all! I am so glad you endured the plane and bus ride and made it safely to the Mole. We have prayed for this mission many times in K-2 suite. I would love to know how God is using each of you to answer those prayers. Kelsey, thank you so much for all the hard work you put forth to make my return from vacation and prep for the weekend so easy. I was saying sweet things about you out loud when I saw your note and my cart. You all are the eyes, touch and voice of the One they desperately need to know. Praying as the Spirit prompts and leads.


  19. Harris team:

    Praying that you are all healthy and doing well! I’m glad that you got there safely and I’m loving the pics! I’m praying that the gospel is proclaimed this week and that the Haitians will have open hearts to recieve it. Praying for growth for all of you and that you are able to feel the Lord’s presence every moment of every day. I heard about how the men in the church need a message on unity and encouraging each other. I am so glad you are there because you all do that so well! I know the Lord will use you through these Bible studies to touch their hearts and lead them to Jesus. I’m so excited to hear more about your trip and I will not cease to pray for you every second! Love you all!!

    Ephesians 6:13-20

    Laura 🙂

  20. Harris Team: It was great to see all the pictures! Grandma Beverly was glad to hear that everyone made it safely. Livingston said he received a picture of the bus in the ditch? We are praying for you. I saw this quote recently I wanted to share with all of you: The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy. We are proud of all of you. Love, Brad , Livingston, and Grandma Beverly

  21. Dorotha sandefur June 5,2013 at 2.58pm

    Wolfforth Team. Great to hear from you and to see the pictures. I know you are learning much as well as teaching the Love of God to the children. Be safe, be careful, and Madison, Zach, Hannah, Teagan and all that we love you very much and pray that you will have a safe trip home. You are have an experience for a life-time, so enjoy every minute in the service of the Lord. Mama Dot & Daddy Hal

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