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  1. Northside and PVBC,

    Thank you for being love in action this week in the Mole and surrounding villages. Reading through the daily posts brings a continual flood of emotions as I relive previous trips to the Mole my family and I have taken. The thought of the horrific experiences of abuse and/or sorrow many of those teen girls have experienced is debilitating as my heart yearns for them to be whisked away to a place like Disney World. Realistically, I know a clean, happy, ‘magical’ place like Disney World is no solution for pain and grief within the heart.

    Then my spirit rejoices that no matter what the past held for these girls today they are being ministered to and experiencing the love of Jesus Christ expressed through you! Disney has no comparable. The joy and mercy offered freely from our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus surpasses all understanding. So, beyond the exterior pain and life-situations, compassion and forgiveness will overcome.

    I pray the Holy Spirit reveal himself to the hearts of all the girls which you are ministering. I pray their hearts break over their own sin and the sins committed against them.
    I pray they see themselves as princesses of the Most High God.
    I pray they receive hope, healing and joy found only in Christ Jesus.
    I pray each one sees the Holy Spirit within you and accepts the gift of His Spirit through confession of sins and dedication of their lives to be lived in submission to Jesus.

    Continue on in peace, mercy, hope, joy and above all, love for those created in God’s image.

    I hope to comment further soon regarding the miraculous work of the medical mission as they serve other’s as a reflection of our Great Healer, Jesus Christ.


    Danny, Kim & Gabby Groves
    Missing the Mole, Daily
    Momentum Christian Church – McDonough, GA

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