PVBC & Northside Day 3

Greetings from Jeanella. Day one of the Beautiful Retreat for teen girls went really well! We conveyed the message that they were created by God and that they are very beautiful. We also discussed what makes them uniquely a woman. They had really good questions. We were able to get them to open up and share their personality and their family experiences. Very few of them have both parents in the home, only one of which had parents that were married. One of the girls had lost both of her parents and she and her siblings are living with their aunt. Please pray that these girls will catch a glimpse of biblical marriage; one of the main topics for tomorrow. We were able to establish a sense of community; this will help make the transition to more difficult topics as we move along. We are blessed with translators that are open to our candid topic. Both Jenny and I have been able to connect with J.C. and Kerline. We are working very well together as a team. God is SO good!
Greetings from Gayla and the PVBC “Medical Team”! Day one of the medical clinic went well too! We travelled first thing this morning to Savane Mole which took about 30 minutes. We set up the clinic inside the church. We had our nurses Lisa and Sarah W. interviewing each patient to find out what health issues they were having and they also got their weight, temperature, and blood pressure. From there they headed toward Shawn who is a Physician’s Assistant from the Northside team. Pat was in the Spiritual Station where she was telling each patient that Jesus loves them and she also prayed with them. Sarah D and I helped escort the patients from station to station and we also assisted Emily in the pharmacy (super fun!) Our team did a great job of pitching in to help each other and try to keep things running as smoothly as possible!

We had some challenges with a few supplies that we needed but didn’t have so we’ve already raided Jody’s clinic tonight so we’ll be ready for the tomorrow’s clinic in Marouge! Over all it was a great experience. We know that we won’t be able cure every issue we see but we do know that each patient was shown the love of Jesus today! Thanks to all of you who contributed money or supplies for our clinics – we really appreciate it! Also thanks to those of you who are praying for us!
Northside had an awesome, busy day!!!! Everyone loaded up the truck after breakfast to head to Savane Mole. It was a tight fit with almost forty people and all of our supplies for VBS and the clinics, but we all fit—somehow…  When we arrived we set up the clinics, started VBS, and Sue opened up her salon. Ken did an awesome job with the eye clinic. Many members of the team jumped in and helped him with the exams and also met with the patients after they received their glasses to pray with them.

VBS went so well! The team did an awesome job and the kids had a blast! They especially loved the parachute and playing soccer with the team. It was so adorable to see all of the kids wearing their crowns. When Sue first started offering to do the ladies’ hair, they were timid and unsure about it. But once they saw how it worked and the end results, they ALL wanted their hair done! It was so awesome! For me, it was so cool to see these mommas who work hard every day to get a break and be pampered. Even though it was a hot day and everyone got sweaty and dirty, they were troopers and finished the day strong! I’m excited to see what God has in store for us tomorrow as we head to Marouge for another day of clinics and VBS.


From the very beginning of this trip, I had resolved to keep things simple. I packed light, asked very few questions, and tried my best to be as low maintenance as possible. My goal in this was to alleviate the distractions that come along with the material/commonplace aspects of ministry and make room for the spiritual things. I have been surprised at how much wisdom there is to be gained from simplicity.
As a ministry student at a small Bible college, I am constantly bombarded by new ideas about Scripture, progressive worship styles, and edgy intellectual sermons. It isn’t all bad – in fact, I enjoy gathering new ideas for my ministry and gaining different perspectives to discuss with members of my congregation. However, it can be exhausting and distracting to use all my time trying to gain new knowledge and re-think Christianity. I have to constantly remind myself that the Gospel is very simple despite the fact that it is so often distorted by personal opinions and misguided thinking.
I found this simplicity really impacting me this past Sunday during the Haitian church service. As we gathered in the large tent, I did my best to sing along with the foreign worship songs and tried to ignore the occasional twangs that came from the slightly out of tune guitars. I’ll be honest, the musician/music minister in me cringed a bit, but I knew that it was all a joyful sound to the Lord, so I pushed the thoughts away and focused on the people.

The energy that these people had combatted the average American worship service (which consists of in-tune guitars, lighting, and smoke machines).

Our pastor then delivered his sermon through an interpreter. I was moved. It was a very simple message about the serenity prayer – asking God for peace and wisdom. There was no complex doctrine, progressive ideas, or great new concept. It was a very simple message that has been around since the beginning – rely on God and He will guide you through this life. I had heard it many times before, but this time it really ministered to me. I am still learning about simplicity and seeing the work of God in my time here. There are still a few days to go, and I know He has a great plan.
Thank you for all your prayers and support – God bless you!

– Brandon Davis

Had a little trouble uploading photos again tonight, I’ll try to get some more up tomorrow.


  1. Lisa F we celebrated our anniversary while you were in this trip and I remember being in college and you talking about going on mission trips. I am proud of you for staying true to your calling from back then. Those patients could not have better nurses than you and Sarah!! Love on those people the way you always do and they will see Jesus.

    Gabe got stuck in centerfield tonight. He was using his glove like a puppet to talk to him while he was bored. Gotta love that kid!

  2. Hi, Lisa! I am so excited to be an indirect part of this mission trip with you and the team! It’s such a blessing to follow the blog, read Lindy’s email updates, and pray for you and those whose lives you are reaching for Christ. You truly are being the hands and feet of Jesus, and I couldn’t be more proud of you for following God’s calling to serve Him in this way! I know His love is shining through you as you meet the children’s needs in the loving and compassionate way I know you always do!

    Mark, Lydia, and I are looking forward to hanging out with the boys tomorrow! It will be weird (and sad) not to get to spend some quality time with you here in person, but it’s awesome that you are doing something so much more important…Kindgom work! Love and hugs to you, sweet friend!!!

  3. Dear PV Team!

    So glad to hear things are going well. Please know you are diligently being prayed for in Liberty, MO. I pray for you strength, protection, wisdom, discernment, rest and true joy in the Lord as you serve the precious Haitian people this week. The medical care, loving on people and teaching the children are wonderful. Sharing who Jesus is …….simply priceless. Stay strong and celebrate each day!


  4. Hey awesome Northside Team! I am praying for all of you! Such an amazing opportunity you have to share God’s love with those precious people! It sounds like you have done so much already! I know there have been & will be times when you are hot & tired but just know you are being strengthened by the prayers of God’s people & He will give you all you need!!

  5. Hello PV Superstars! We are praying that you had a good nights rest and are feeling refreshed by the Holy Spirit. We know He is using each of you in an amazing way. Miss and love each of you for being the amazing women you are. HUGS from Kansas City.

  6. Sounds like you all are having much success both in the physical activities and the spiritual one. Keep plugging along and we are praying for your continued good health and stamina and that you will be rewarded by seeing the fruits of your labors. Carol Dale.

  7. LEXIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love you Dad
    Hi Mickie I hope all is well.
    It is awesome to see God working in the mission team and the people of Haiti. Love ya, Curtis

  8. Brandon and Cynthia,

    We are missing you guys lots! Movie night was fun. Lots of people showed up. Even some of those for whom we actually DO this came and we were blessed to house and feed them, even if only for a few hours. And yes, Brad came. 🙂 Said he thought he’d be in “trouble” if he didn’t. I ascertained he meant from Cynthia rather than me. Regardless, it seemed everyone enjoyed it.

    Church was interesting. Tom did a wedding-themed message and of course showed your very memorable wedding photo. Lots of comments about how you both looked so very young AND how you really haven’t changed much! Tom stood up rather than sitting on his stool, so I felt oddly disconcerted for a bit. Still need to ask him why he did that when I see him again. The best part was, the Team Tanner Initiative for flocking the pulpit and the table where Tom and Ann sit was a huge success! 40 pink flamingos joined them! It was the highest number of visitors on record at the 9:15 service! 🙂

    Emerge was a bust as far as Bible Study goes. Seems like almost everyone had something else to do! Ann and Tom had an HOA meeting, Kathy was at the Heart concert, Ashley was flying out for Colorado early the next morning, my favorite girl was in Haiti and Bob (of Bob and Donna) had his final exam to study for. So, we decided to punt, as it were, and play Apples to Apples instead of doing the video. Anthony was decidedly poopie-headed about it, refusing to come if we weren’t doing Bible Study. Fred, on the other hand, thought it was a great change of pace and was the first to show. (And brought BlueBell ice cream which was very good, actually!) Brad was the only other one to show. Tyler had come up to visit, so we had a riotous game with the four men and me. Baked potato soup with the typical baked potato toppings and toasted french bread topped with cheese. Apparently, Dejah is going to begin coming starting next week. Should be interesting.

    Great news about Bruce…the doctor approved his throat surgery so that eventually he will be able to eat and drink normally! The fascinating part of that story is the reason why the original surgery was developed. Apparently, this specialist had a patient whose condition was the same as Bruce’s, a stricture where the throat is so closed, nothing can get through. There was no procedure developed at the time to help, so he pestered this specialist for years until he developed one! Reminded me of the woman who pestered the judge in the Bible. She got what she wanted because she was persistent. At least that’s one trait I have that is written about somewhat positively in the Bible.

    The weather on Tuesday was very muggy. Temps of 94-95 and so humid it felt heavy. Did see a really neat cloud formation, though… remind me to show you when you get home.

    While Ty and I were out running errands yesterday, we pulled into a 7-11 to get some cash. Ty jumped out pretty quickly but I took an extra few seconds to grab my wallet and lock the door. A lovely voice, seemingly from out of nowhere, said “Good Morning” to me. I looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man sitting beneath a tree, a suitcase beside him. His hair was in dreadlocks and it was clear he was destitute. His kind smile and soft voice, though, touched me. I asked if he was homeless and he said yes. I asked if he needed some money and he said yes as well. I offered to buy him some food but he said he needed money more than anything. I told him I would be right back and would give him some cash when I returned. Ty insisted I shouldn’t give him anything because he would likely only use it for alcohol. I told him that my job was to obey God by loving others. What he does with it is between him and God. When I handed the gentleman some money he was very grateful and said that it was enough to go to the Kroger deli and get a hot, four-course meal. That made me happy and sad at the same time. I am so blessed that I never need to worry where my next meal will come from. And, that makes it my responsibility to also ensure that when I see a need, I meet it. Often, Joe fusses a tiny bit about the cost of or extent to which I work on the meals for Monday nights. When I tell him how blessed we are to have the funds to do so, plus how it would let my talent go to waste if I DIDN’T go to at least some trouble, he seems to settle down. But I see that similar to how I saw giving the man some money. Nothing I have is really mine. It’s all MEANT to be used to bless others! So, why shouldn’t I freely give it? Unfortunately, I am not the only one with a say. And, for the next three months, the Government’s Furloughs are going to dictate our income. But, regardless, I will give what I can… my time, my talent, my efforts, my care.. the government can’t dictate those!

    We are praying that you’re doing well and that God is moving through you and into the Haitians. Brandon, I read your post about simplicity and I am so proud of you! Cynthia, I trust that your beautiful heart is both full and broken simultaneously. I can only dream of such a trip… one that glorifies Christ and blesses those whom he loves.

    Miss you bunches! Sending you hugs and love.

    Joanne (and Joe)

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