Meridian Day 1

It took us a total of 13 and a half hours to get to Port au Prince, and got to the Coconut Villa Hotel to rest for the night. In the morning we took two groups to Mole St. Nicholas on a tiny, 10-passenger plane over beautiful mountains and water. When the first group arrived, we went straight to the orphanage, just a few steps away from the structure we are staying in. The kids there are so cuddly and playful. They made us feel loved as we gave them hugs and kisses. When the second group arrived, we ate a delicious lunch of beans, rice, and goat meat-which I never would have eaten if I were in the states-but it was really good!

After lunch, we went on a walk to different places around the town and prayed over them as a group. We went back to the orphanage and played for a little while longer, and came back to the cafeteria to talk about voodoo and abuse, so we have a little background of what the Haitian beliefs are. Dinner is soon, and I’m looking forward to another great meal and good night of sleep. It’s great here!
Mom, dad, and Austin, I’m doing well. Thanks for the letters! Love you guys!
Katie Lyon

We got paired up in two’s and three’s at the Coconut Villa Hotel. I was in a two-person room, paired up with Susan. I came in on the 2nd flight to Mole St. Nicholas. That plane ride was definitely my favorite! The scenery was amazing and it was so smooth. Barb freaked out on that plane ride when we landed, because our airstrip was a dirt road….I thought it was actually pretty neat. The temperature feels different hotter here than Port au Prince, and I think that’s because at the Coconut Villa we had air condition in our rooms!

The orphanage visit is my favorite part of the trip so far. As soon as we entered the orphanage all of the children started running up to us and wanted us to pick them up, it was the cutest thing! We just ate dinner. We had very, very sweet corn and peas, macaroni and cheese (minus the cheese), and chicken with some type of sauce on it. I gave some of my lunch and dinner to Chia-Hong to eat, which he did happily! I’m hoping I sleep well tonight! Love everyone back home, and missing all of you!
Katie Lewis


  1. Praise God! It is so wonderful to hear you all made it safely. I love seeing the pictures of you all being the hands and feet of Jesus. We have been praying so very much for all of you. We are doing great here and missing you all. Barb, we love you so much and the kids are doing great. They are happy you are bringing people closer to Jesus.
    Love you all. Jake

  2. First answer to prayer! You (and your bags) made it there! Continued prayers for your team, God has mighty things planned for each of you this week! Blessings! Kim O’Strander

  3. I am so happy you all are there! I am even more proud of Tom and Sharon for their HUGE hearts and leadership for this trip. Know we are praying for each one of you! May you see what God sees and may your heart break like His does for the Haitian people!
    love anne and brian

  4. Hello Meridian Team! Hi Katie Lyon! You are awesome! We are so proud of you! Praying for you….may God accomplish His work in and through you! We love you!
    Aunt Diane & Uncle John & Caleb

  5. I can’t tell you how badly we needed to see these pictures and hear the news of safe arrival. I am so happy for you all and missing you. I hope it is the experience of a lifetime and that God uses you all in powerful ways. Praying!

  6. Hi, Meridian Team! Love the pictures and the fact that you arrived safely. Katie Lyon, thanks for your note last night; loved it and know that you, and everyone, is acting as the hands and feet of Christ! God bless all of you – and keep the pictures and notes coming. Love, Mom and Dad Lyon (Elaine and Scott)

  7. Sooo happy to know that you have safely arrived!!! Dad and Susan, seeing you in the pictures made my heart swell! I’m so glad you are there together to experience this amazing week – love you!!!

  8. So happy all is going well for all of you – we pray for the team every day. Love the pictures! We think of you every day, Susan, and know you are a blessing and a ray of sunshine to every Haitian you meet. It’s just a “Susan” factor – always has been and will always be. Continue to take care everyone!

  9. Miss susan,
    “We love you, we kiss you, and love you and say goodbye and hi.”-jaxson
    “hi Miss Susan I miss you and like playing clapping games with you. I like to see your pictures.”- Allie
    “I like your pictures.”- Kenton

  10. Miss Susan.
    “I love you and I hope you have a good time in Haiti.”-Demetrius
    “I love you miss Susan and I like you and get some bounce.”- Rishi
    “I love you and I hope you play games with the kids again.”-Peighton
    “I love you miss Susan I hope you come back and I love your hugs. I hope you play with the kids in Haiti and I like your pictures. Miss Grace has got this under control.”-Maliyah.

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