Haylee Helps Haiti!

Haylee is interning this summer in the Mole! She has an amazing heart for the girls in the Mole! So proud to have her this summer. To follow her blog – http://helphayleehelphaiti.wordpress.com

Below is a re-cap of her ministry done with our precious little girls from the Mole….

Hey all, it’s Haylee!  We have been doing some really exciting things here in the Mole this summer.  One of my favorite things is our girls’ Bible studies.  We have started one for younger girls ages 11-13 and one for older girls ages 13-20.

The older girls’ Bible study started with Jenny and Jeanella from the PV team.  They wanted to talk to the girls about their bodies, sex, and marriage.  It sounds strange, but most of these older girls didn’t even know basic things about how their bodies change.  They didn’t know how or why they got their period, how a woman gets pregnant, or how a baby is delivered.  Most of them also didn’t know about sex: how it works, what it does, and why people do it.  Jenny and Jeanella’s mission was to explain these things, and more, to the girls while giving them a Biblical perspective of marriage, femininity, and every girl’s own personal beauty.  They did a phenomenal job!

Every session started out with them reading the Bible to the girls to help them understand God’s will for them, their bodies, and their futures.  From there, they moved onto the unique anatomy of men and women and how God designed their bodies to work differently.  The girls all had the opportunity to ask questions about their bodies, sex, and God.

At the end of each session, Jenny and Jeanella led the girls in a craft.  They all made bottle cap necklaces.  Each girl got to design theirs uniquely, and put in 3 little rhinestones to represent themselves, God, and their future husband.  Each day, they finished a little more of their necklace.  The girls really enjoyed making them!

On the third day, Jenny shared part of her testimony with the girls, and then we went on to talk about God’s plan for marriage and living a pure life.  The girls really appreciated and responded to this day.  God started taking Jenny in another direction that what she had planned, so she talked mostly about salvation and redemption.  All of the girls listened closely and were intrigued with what we were saying.  We ended up running out of time to finish our talk, but we were satisfied because we knew that God had used Jenny to speak His words to his daughters.

That had been the last day planned on the schedule, but it was clear that we needed one more session to finish up our talk.  We were going to focus on talking about hope and healing from sexual abuse, sadly, a relevant topic to this audience.  The PV team was going to leave the following afternoon, so we planned to have the session in the morning.  We got through everything we wanted to talk about, but I really felt God putting it on my heart to pray for each and every girl individually.  Unfortunately, before I could do this, it was time for the PV team to leave.  I was so sad!  It was hard to see my friends from back home leave, especially since we were making so much progress with these girls.

Jenny and Jeanella left behind the craft supplies for the necklaces and their love.  Both of them just poured 100% of everything they had to give into these girls.  They were finishing empty, and they left an impact!  There were plenty of tears on my end when they left (and Miss Beth’s, too), but I had to snap out of it and pull myself together because the girls were still waiting upstairs for me to pray with them.  I hope I didn’t scare them off with my emotion!

I called each girl over one at a time to pray with me and Saintania (our translator).  Isle, the very first girl who came over, looked like she was bursting to tell me something.  I asked her what her prayer request was, and she replied, “My prayer request is to accept Jesus into my heart so He can live in me.”  Well, if there had been any chance of me leaving that meeting with a dry eye it was gone now!

I was so excited to pray with Isle that I don’t really remember what I said.  The Lord was just giving me the words.  What an incredible experience!  I bowed my head to pray with a lost little girl and when I raised my head, I had a brand new sister in Christ!  God used Jenny and Jeanella to plant lots of seeds in these girls.  It’s not often that they blossom so quickly, but it’s such a blessing when they do!  They weren’t gone for 10 minutes by the time heaven was rejoicing for Isle!  I am still praying every day for the seeds God used them to plant in the other girls to come to fruition.

The last time we met, we started taking our Bible study in a new direction.  We had a casual, laid-back meeting where we talked together and made necklaces and bracelets, and asked them for any questions and suggestions they wanted us to talk about.  They want to know a lot!  Next time we meet, we will cover everything from the nature and characteristics of God, to more physical questions, to what it means to have eternal life.

I can’t wait to see these precious ladies again!  I have grown very fond of them, and I want to answer every single question they pose.  However, I don’t have all the answers.  Please keep Emily, Morgan, and myself in your prayers, along with all of these lovely girls!  Pray that we will speak God’s truth into their lives and that they will come to know Him personally.  Thank you for all you kind messages, support, and prayers.

Love, Haylee



  1. Praise The Lord!!!! What an awesome God we serve!! Praying that He’ll continue to water those seeds that were planted. I love you all!!

  2. So glad to hear how things progressed after the team left! What wonderful blessings from seeds planted and I’m so glad you’re there to continue to “water” the plants. It was such a joy to spend time with you Haylee and you are a God Sent to the people you come in contact with each day. God bless and keep you and all you serve in His tender loving care.

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