Meridian Day 3

It was a splendid day at the Mole today. After church, a small group of us walked through the town to invite the community children to our VBS activities we are having throughout the week. The children were overjoyed to see us and they came running. Our walk was beautiful along the ocean and through the mountains as we were able to enjoy the landscape of Haiti. When we returned part of our group put on a party for the children in the orphanage. When we arrived the children were dressed in their nicest clothes. We started by serving brownies and praying with them. The remainder of the party was spent loving on the children and making them feel special. They decorated crowns and played with balloons. Most of the children had more fun popping the balloons rather than using them for games. Energy was high and we are sure they will sleep well tonight!
We miss and love you all, thank you for all your prayers and support! Love, Susan and Barb
(Susan Lewis, your many comments are embarrassing your daughter when read aloud at dinner…KEEP IT UP!!!)☺

We started our day by joining the Haitians at church. Some group members attended the main service, while part of the team helped with the children’s service. We were privileged to see such sincere worship of our great God.
Bethany had the special task of interpreting for a Deaf young man at the children’s service. How exciting that God would choose to use a skill she learned years ago, for His glory in Haiti.
In the afternoon, while part of our team entertained the orphans with a party, the other half of the team hosted a spa day for the orphan mamas. We had a great time pampering the mamas and showing them our appreciation for all of their hard work and the love they show the orphans. It was especially enjoyable for the women to receive massages from Katie Lyon! They seemed to really enjoy them! It was also such a pleasure to look the mamas in their eyes, show them God’s love, and thank them for all they do. We were blessed just as much as they were, I’m sure.
We’re looking forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow!
Katie Lewis and Bethany Ritter
P.S. Susan Lewis, Katie says, “Stop writing so many comments.” ☺


  1. Wonderful updates! Good job everyone! Continuing to pray for you all. Love, hugs and prayers! Lynne Hawes

  2. We love the updates!! It is honestly what I look forward to all day. It is amazing to see God’s love in action. I get goosebumps everytime I read an update. What is awesome is to kneel down every night and pray with the kids for all of you. It’s so wonderful to see how many people are keeping tabs on you and are inspired!! Barb- kisses from all the kids and we are doing great. They are having fun and hoping lots of pictures are being taken. xoxoxoxoxoxo.
    Love you and all my Christian brothers and sisters!! Keep up the great work.

  3. Dad + Mom Snivley,

    We have loved reading what you’ve had on your agenda. Sounds like this has been an amazing trip so far! Keep loving on those beautiful Haitians and make sure to give Christina a hug for us. We love you and miss you.

    Love, Tara,Travis and Taft

  4. What a delight to read your emails every evening! I start checking my email about 9pm
    and check it every five minutes waiting for those beautiful words . .Meridian Day _!! I was sitting in church yesterday trying to imagine what your worship service was like in Hiait. Our Pastor showed a map of the world and I was in total awe! Isn’t it amazing how our great God met with us at Ada Bible in Kentwood, MI while also meeting with you in Haiti? We serve an awesome God! Know that the work you are doing this very day is pleasing in His sight. Continued physical strength, spiritual strength and blessings to each of you!

  5. Mom, we miss you and are praying for you every day. Corinne Ritter

    We’ve been praying for you. Keep up the good work, and tell everybody in Haiti about Jesus. love Elly

    Mom, I hope you do a good job teaching the kids in Haiti about Jesus and God. Lael

    I love you, Mommy! Caleb

    In Rick’s sermon yesterday, he had this quote: “True greatness is when others look at you and see Jesus.” Bethany, you’re already “truly great” by this definition. I continue to pray for you and the whole team, that you show this type of greatness to the Haitian people. May God continue to go before you all! Tim

  6. We are so proud of you! We are happy God put you on this path. We love you- Ethan, Maggie, Max

  7. We are so proud of all of you! It is wonderful to see God’s work through each other. Barb…it is wonderful to see your smiling face in these pictures and we know that you are doing such a great job. We are so proud of you!
    Emily, Kevin, Ellie, Maddie and Murray

  8. Barb, we are so proud of you! Prayers are going up for all of you every day! We love looking at the pics and reading from the blog. It sound like you all are spreading the gospel to many people, keep up the good work! Looking forward to hearing all the inspiring stories! May God be with you all and work through you for his glory! We will be praying daily! Can’t wait to talk to you Barb! We love you! Christy, Brian, Dean, Wade ,and Drew.

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