UCC Update 1

The first day we arrived in Haiti, things didn’t go quite as planned, but ended up being a major God thing! Only 14 of us instead of close to 30 got to ride on a plane to Mole! The rest had to take a 10 hour bus ride from Port au Prince to Marouge! But, the people who took the plane had to pack on the back of a bus with no extra room for more people. So, overall only 14 of us flying was a major God thing! Once everyone arrived we got situated and wanted to go to sleep pretty quick! The next day we all woke up plenty early due to the chickens and roosters wanting to talk to us 🙂 We went to church and put on Sunday school for the children who came. It was a blast! We then later on went out in the community to hand out bracelets for the teen conference and VBS we are doing while we are here! It was great being in the village and interacting with the Haitians. Tonight we have the teen conference and that should be fun! We are all doing well and having a great time in Haiti.


Whew! What an exciting trip we have has so far! Traveling to Haiti the last couple days has been a whirlwind adventure! We have seen so many things and met lots of neat people. Yesterday we traveled in two groups to all arrive in Maurouge by 7:00pm. The early group flew in tiny planes over the beautiful ocean, and the later group rode a bus up the mountain. Much more about travel later though!

Yesterday and last night we spent some time exploring the community and smiling and waving, practicing the little Creole we have learned! It was eye-opening to see their homes and get a little glimpse of their daily lives. The Haitians are beautiful and when we greet them they always smile and greet us back!! It has been so special to watch language barriers fade as our smiles and thumbs up’s communicate more than we could have thought!

The kids are beautiful and precious and of course we all love them! They are soaking up the attention and so are we! We have played lots of games and sung songs and danced, and are having a blast playing with them!! We did a Children’s Church today, and Josh preached in the adult service. The adult service had lots of singing in Creole and Josh gave a great sermon about love! Children’s Church had a lot of sweet kids in their beautiful Sunday best, and we had a great time with them. There were lots of adorable babies to snuggle as well!

We spent the afternoon going through town inviting people to VBS and the Teen Conference, as well as talking to and praying for local Haitians. We also spent more quality time playing with and loving on the sweet kids!! Then tonight we had the first night of our Teen Conference and we did a skit, sang worship songs in Creole, and one of our students, Nathan Harden, spoke on gossip and the taming of our tongues. Then we spent some time in small groups with girls and guys split up, and got to talk more deeply about gossip, and then pray over each of the Haitians!

We ended our day with group share time and some praise and worship. We are truly being blessed as we stretch ourselves and step out of our comfort zones this week. We covet your prayers and are grateful for your support!! Love you all!





  1. It is so great to hear from all of you! I am glad things have gone great so far. I am praying that the rest of your time there goes smoothly as you continue to bless the Haitian people! Andy, the girls are doing fantastic and miss you tons! We love you and miss you!


  2. Praise God for your safe travel there and all that He is doing through you all there at the NWHCM! We lift up the Haitian people, the mission team of NWHCM, and the UCC Haiti Mission Team as you endeavor to be an out pouring of God’s love on the Haitian people there in Mare Rouge. God bless you all as you serve!

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