Finishing The Summer Day 2…

Hello from the Farrington Group. It’s already day two…Thursday lasted forever, and now it’s already Saturday.

Today we split into two groups for morning clinic projects. The first group (Emilea, Tori, Colleen, her boy Dernald, Caitlin, Alex, Shelby, Meghan, and Dawn) spent some time cleaning and organizing the supplies in the medical clinic to prepare for the move to the new one. The other group, Tim, Ron, Frank, Chris, and Kyle built shelves for the new clinic. Ron, Frank and Tim spent the morning working on our plumbing before any of us had gotten up.

After lunch God gave us the opportunity to minister hut to hut. We divided into three teams each having an interpreter and went out into Mole St Nicholas to minister to families. We spent about an hour and most groups reached out to 4-5 families each. When we returned it was interesting to listen to each groups experiences. With the families we learned about their family, if they worked, if they had any prayer requests and most importantly if they believed in Jesus. In most cases the answer was YES!! With a great big smile on their faces. Each family enjoyed and appreciated the time we spent with them.

After we returned from the hut to hut visits we prepared a party for the orphans. There are currently 32 kids here at the Mole and each of them just smile and want to be loved on. We made bubbles, played in shaving cream, decorated Rice Crispi Treats and cooled off in a sprinkler. Those kids had such a great time!!! We have so many more things planned for next week with those beautiful kids.

After dinner the staff showed a movie for all the kids. We were able to treat them with candy while they enjoyed the movie. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and God has great plans for us. The theme this week is “Pound the Ground” (do more than what man expects us to do, go above and beyond)– We plan on doing just that J


Well the Rossville Church has made it through our 2nd full day in Haiti.

Today, we took a boat ride across the bay to the Kapafu Fishing Village.  It was about 30 minutes but yet it felt like we traveled back into the distant past.  It was very primitive with bamboo and thatch roofing.

Our group did a variety of things. Some, painted the nails of the young girls and played children’s games with them.  Kyle had a football and many varieties of “catch” were played.  Before we left we went with the translators and visited some of the huts to pray with the families there.  Most of them were very welcoming and asked us to pray that life could be a little easier.

It’s very humbling to hear them express frustrations with life when I know that we often back home will complain about how rough life is.  We have no idea!  The boat ride back was on some rough water.  It was like taking a salt-water shower to the face for about 30 minutes!

After lunch we taught our first self-defense class.  It went very well.  The ladies seemed to really listen and asked several questions.  They also had a lot of great fun practicing the techniques.  They asked some shocking questions after a devotion was given about being created by God and therefore special to him.

Tomorrow we are having church at a fishing village about a 30-minute walk from here.  The service will be on the beach!  Since I will be preaching outside with a long dress shirt, tie, and dress pants, it has been suggested that Leanne hold an umbrella to shield me from the sun while Eric fans me with palm leaves to keep me cool.  If that works well I may suggest we do that for every service back home!

Keep us in your prayers.  It is hot and we are easily exhausted.  We are still waiting for our chickens!  We have heard they are on the way.


  1. I would just like to let Caitlyn Farris know how much I love her and what she’s doing for the people in Haiti! See you when you get home Honey!! 🙂

  2. What a Blessing it is to see our Rossville group interacting with the people in Haiti. We can see what a Blessing you are to them. We are in a constant attitude of prayer for all of you. May you all be blessed as you are being a Blessing.

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